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di-apostevllw , f. -stelw` , to send off in different directions, dispatch, Dem.


dia-pragma±teuvomai , f. -euvsomai , Dep. to examine thoroughly, Plat.

II. to gain by trading, N.T.


diavpraxi" , ew", hJ , dispatch of business, Plat. From diapravssw


dia-pravssw , Att. -ttw , Ion. -prhvssw : f. -pravxw :— to pass over, c. gen ., dievprhsson pedivoio they made their way over the plain, Il.; also, d. kevleuqon to finish a journey, Od.:—also of Time, c. part ., h[mata dievprhsson polemivzwn went through days in fighting, Il.; diaprhvxaimi levgwn should finish speaking, Od.

II. to bring about, accomplish, effect, settle, Hdt .; d. tiv tini to get a thing done for a man, Id.:—so in Med. , Id.; pf. pass. in med. sense, Plat. , etc. :—strictly in sense of Med. , to effect for oneself, gain ones point, Hdt ., Xen. : c. inf. to manage that, Id.

III. to make an end of, destroy, slay, Lat. conficere , in part. pf. pass. diapepragmevno" , Trag.


dia-prephv" , ev" , ( prevpw ) eminent, distinguished, illustrious, Thuc .; tiniv or ti in a thing, Eur. ; to; d . magnificence, Thuc.


dia-prevpw , f. yw , to appear prominent or conspicuous, to strike the eye, h. Hom. ; diaprevpon kakovn Aesch.

2. to be eminent above others, c. gen ., Eur.


dia-presbeuvomai , Dep. to send embassies to different places, Xen.


dia-prhsteuvw , v. diadrhsteuvw .


dia-privw »i<Eth>w1/4 , f. -priouØmai , to saw quite through, saw asunder, Ar .: —metaph ., dieprivonto tai`" kardivai" were cut to the heart, N.T.

II. d. tou;" ojdovnta" to gnash the teeth, Luc.


diaprov or dia; prov , right through, c. gen ., Hom.


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