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K .


K, k, kavppa , tov , indecl., tenth letter in Gr. alphabet: as numeral kV = 20, but Ëk = 20,000:— k is the tenuis guttural mute, related to the medial g and the aspir. c . Changes of k in the Gr. dialects:

1. Ion. k replaces c , as kiqwvn devkomai kuvqrh for citwvn devcomai cuvtra :—it represents p , as kou kote kw" , etc. , for pou pote pw" , etc. ; so, i[ske = e[spen, i{ppo" Lat. equus .

2. Dor. k is interchanged with t , as o{ka a[lloka th`no" for o{te a[llote kei`no" .


ka<Eth> , Dor. for Ion. ke , = Att. a[n , Ar. , etc.


kavbba±le , Ep. for katevbale , 3 sing. aor. 2 of katabavllw .


kabbav" , Ep. for katabav" , aor. 2 part. of katabaivnw .


Kavbeiroi , oiJ , the Cabeiri, divinities worshipped in Lemnos and Samothrace, reputed to be sons of Hephaestus or Vulcan, from their skill in working metals, Hdt.


kavg , Ep. for katav before g, ka;g govnu for kata;govnu , Il.


kavgka±no" , on , ( kaivw ) fit for burning, dry, Hom ., Theocr.


kagcavzw , later form for kacavzw , Babr.


kagca±lavw , to laugh aloud, Lat. cachinnari , in Ep. forms, 3 pl. kagcalovwsi Il.; part. kagcalovwn, -ovwsa Hom. (Like kacavzw , formed from the sound.)


kavgcru" , late form of kavcru" .


kajgwv »a<Eth>1/4 , crasis for kai; ejgwv .


kavd , Ep. for katav before d, ka;d dwvmata Od.; ka;d duvnamin Hes .; ka;dÆ dÆ e[bale by tmesis for

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