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adorning, Soph.


kaq-eyiavomai , Dep. , to mock at, Lat. illudere , c. gen ., Od.


kaq-evyw , f. -eyhvsw , to boil down, Ar.

II. metaph. to soften, temper, Xen.


kavqh/ , Att. for kavqhsai , 2 sing. of kavqhmai .


kaq-hgemwvn , ovno", oJ, hJ , a leader, a guide, Hdt.


kaq-hgevomai , Ion. kat-hg- : f. hvsomai : Dep. :— to go before, act as guide, lead the way, absol ., Hdt. , Thuc. ; oiJ kathgeovmenoi the guides, Hdt .: —c. dat. to guide a person, Id.

2. c. acc. rei, to go before and teach a thing, to explain, expound, Id.
3. c. gen ., kaq. tou` lovgou to begin the discourse, Plat.
4. to be the first to do, to establish, institute, Hdt .; ouj kathghvsomai to;n novmon tovnde tiqeiv" I will not begin establishing this law, Id.


kaq-hduØpa±qevw , f. hvsw , to squander in luxury, Xen ., Plut.


kaqh`ka , aor. I of kaqivhmi .


kaq-hvkw , Ion. kat-hvkw , f. -hvxw , to have come or gone down, esp. to fight, Aesch.

2. to come down to, come or reach to, Hdt.
3. to have come to any one, kaqh`ken ej" hJma`" oJ lovgo" the turn of speaking came to us, Aeschin.
4. of Time, oJ crovno" kaqhvkei the time is come, Xen .; o{tan ejk tw`n novmwn kaqhvkh/ when [ the time
]appointed by the law comes, Dem.
II. to be meet, fit, proper, tou` kaqhvkonto" crovnou Soph .; aiJ kaq. hJmevrai the regular, proper days, Dem.

2. impers ., kaqhvkei moi it belongs to me, beseems me, c. inf ., oi|" kaqhvkei ajqroivzesqai whose duty it is to assemble, Xen. :—in part. , to; kaqh`kon, ta; kaqhvkonta , Ion. ta; kathvkonta , that which is meet, fit or proper, ones due or duty, Hdt ., Xen. ; also the present state of things, circumstances, Hdt.


kaq-hliavzw , f. sw , to bring the sun down upon, to illuminate, Anth.


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