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kat-antlevw , f. hvsw , to pour water over: metaph. to pour a flood of words over, tinov" Ar.


katavnuxi" , ew", hJ , stupefaction, slumber, N.T.


kata-nuvssomai , aor. 2 -enuvghn »uØ1/4 , Pass. to be sorely pricked, katenuvghsan th`/ kardiva/ N.T.

II. to be stupefied, to slumber, LXX. Hence katanuvw


kat-a±nuvw , Att. -uvtw »uØ1/4 : f. -anuvsw »uØ1/4 :— to bring to quite an end: esp .,

1. to accomplish a certain distance, drovmon, oJdovn Hdt ., Xen.
2. (the acc. being omitted) intr. to arrive at a place, Hdt. , Soph. , etc.
II. to accomplish, perpetrate, Eur .; k. ai|ma to murder, Id.


kata-xaivnw , f. -xa±nw` , to card or comb well: to tear in pieces, rend in shreds, Eur .; kataxaivnein tina; eij" foinikivda to pound him to red rags, Ar. :— Pass. , kataxanqeiv" crushed to atoms, Soph .; pri;n katexavnqai Eur.

2. to wear or waste away, Lat. atterere , Aesch .: Pass. , katexavnqhn povnoi", dakruvoi" Eur.


katavxeie , 3 sing. aor. I opt. of katavgnumi .


kata-xenovomai , ( xenovw ) Pass. to be received as a guest, pf. part. katexenwmevno" Aesch.


kat-avxio" , on , quite or very worthy of, c. gen ., Soph. ; absol. , Eur. Adv. -ivw" , Id.


kat-axiovw , f. wvsw , to deem worthy, Plat .: —Med. to hold in high esteem, Aesch.

II. polla; caivrein xumforai`" kataxiw` I bid a long farewell to calamities, Id.; suv toi kathxivwsa" thou wouldst have it so, Soph.


katav/oro" , on , Dor. for kathv/oro" .


kata-paivzw , f. -paivxomai , to mock at, tinov" Anth.


katapaktov" , hv, ovn , ( kataphvgnumi ) shutting downwards, katapakth; quvra a trap- door, Hdt.


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