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:— to fall or drop down, Hom ., Hdt. , Att. ;—used as Pass. , kavppese = kateblhvqh , Aesch.

2. metaph ., kavppese qumov" their spirit fell, Il.; k. eij" ajpistivan Plat.
II. to have the falling sickness, Luc.


kata-pissovw , Att. -ttovw , f. wvsw , to cover with pitch, to pitch over and burn (as a punishment), Plat.


kata-pisteuvw , f. sw , to trust, Plut.


kata-plavssw , Att. -ttw , f. -plavsw »a±1/4 , to plaster over with clay, etc. , Hdt. , Ar. :— Med. , kataplavssesqai th;n kefalhvn to plaster ones own head, Hdt. ; tou`to kataplavssontai o{lon to; sw`ma this they plaster over their whole body, Id. Hence kataplastov"


kataplastov" , ovn , plastered over, kataplasto;n favrmakon a plaster, Ar.


kataplastuv" , uvo", hJ , Ion. for katavplasma , Hdt.


kata-plevkw , f. xw , to entwine, plait, Hdt.

2. metaph. to implicate, k. tina; prodosiva/ Id.
II. to finish twining: metaph. to bring to an end, th;n zovhn, th;n rJh`sin Id.


katav-pleo" , on , Att. -plew" , wn , gen. w , quitefull, tino" of a thing:— fouled or stained with a thing, gh`" katavplew" kai; ai{mato" Xen.


kata-plevw , f. -pleuvsomai : Ion. -plwvw :— to sail down: i.e.,

1. to sail from the high sea to shore, sail to land, put in, Od., Hdt. , Att. ; newsti; katapepleukwv" having lately come ashore, Plat.

2. to sail down stream, kat. to;n Eujfrhvthn Hdt.
II. to sail back, Id.


katavplew" , wn , gen. w , Att. for katavpleo" .


kataplhvx , h`go", oJ, hJ , stricken with amazement, astounded, Lysias.

2. shy, bashful, Arist .; and katavplhxi"


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