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kata-smi<Eth>krivzw , f. sw , to disparage, depreciate, Arist.


kata-smuvcw »u<Eth>1/4 , f. xw , to burn with a slow fire, burn up, Il.; metaph. of love, Theocr. ; in Pass. , of a lover, to smoulder away, Id.


kata-sofivzomai , f. -ivsomai , Dep. to conquer by sophisms or fallacies, to outwit, Luc .:—also as Pass. to be outwitted, Id.


kat-aspavzomai , f. avsomai , Dep. to embrace, Plut.


kata-spa±ravssw , Att. -ttw , f. xw , to tear down, pull to pieces, Ar.


kata-spa±ta±lavw , to live wantonly, to wanton, Anth.


kata-spavw , f. avsw »a±1/4 , to draw or pull down, k. ta;" nh`a" to haul ships down to the sea, Hdt .; k. shmei`a to pull the flags down (in token of defeat), Thuc. ; k. tina; ajpo; tou` i{ppou Xen.

II. to quaff or swallow down, Lat. deglutire , Ar.


kata-speivrw , f. -sperw` , to sow thickly: metaph ., ajniva" k . to sow a crop of sorrows, Soph.

2. to beget, tevkna Eur.
II. to scatter over, as in sowing, c. gen ., Plut.
III. to besprinkle, Anth.


katavspeisi" , ew", hJ , self-devotion, Plut. From kataspevndw


kata-spevndw , f. -speivsw , to pour as a drink-offering, Lat. libare , Eur ., Ar. :— absol. to pour drink-offerings, Hdt.

II. c. acc ., k. tina; dakruvoi" to honour with offerings of tears, Eur. ; k. tinav lament with tears, Anth.

III. to consecrate, Plut ., Anth.


kata-spevrcw , f. xw , to urge on, Ar .; —absol ., kataspevrcon urgent, pressing, causing anxiety, Thuc.


kata-speuvdw , f. sw , to press, urge, or hasten on, Aeschin.

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