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kata-spodevw , f. hvsw , to throw down in the dust: Pass ., pf. part. katespodhmevnoi Aesch.


kata-spoudavzomai , Dep. , with aor. I and pf. pass ., to be very earnest or serious, Hdt .; oujdamw`" katespoudasmevno" ajnhvr Id.


kata-stavzw , f. xw : I. of persons,
1. to let fall in drops upon, pour upon, shed over, tiv tino" Eur.
2. c. dat. rei, to run down with a thing, novsw/ k. povda to have ones foot running with a sore, Soph. ; k. ajfrw`/ to run down with foam, Eur.

II. of the liquid,
1. intr. to drop down, drip or trickle down, Eur ., Xen.
2. trans. to drop down over, wet, iJdrw;" katastavzei devma" Soph.


kata-sta±qeiv" , aor. I pass. part. of kaqivsthmi .


kata-sta±siavzw , f. avsw , to form a counter-party in the state, Plut.

II. Pass. to be factiously opposed or overpowered, Xen ., Dem.


katav-sta±si" , ew", hJ ,

I. trans. a settling, appointing, appointment, institution, Aesch ., Dem. ; daimovnwn kat . their ordinance, Eur.

2. appointment of magistrates, Plat.
3. a bringing of ambassadors before the senate or assembly, an introduction, presentation, Hdt.
4. k. ejgguhtw`n a bringing ones bail forward, Dem.
5. a putting down, calming, Arist.
II. intr. a standing firm, a settled condition, fixedness, Soph.
2. a state, condition, Hdt ., Eur. , etc.
3. a consitution, system, Hdt ., Plat.


katasta±tevon , verb. Adj. of kaqivsthmi , one must appoint, Plat ., Xen.


katastavth" »a±1/4, ou, oJ , ( kaqivsthmi ) an establisher, restorer, Soph.


katasta±tikov" , hv, ovn , ( kaqivsthmi ) fitted for calming: to; k . a power to calm, of music, Plut.

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