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katastilbovomai , Pass. to be brilliant, Greg.


kata-stivlbw , f. yw , to send beaming forth, sevla" h. Hom.

II. intr. to beam brightly, Anth.


kata-stona±cevw , f. hvsw , to bewail, Anth.


katastorevnnu<Eth>mi ; part. fem. kastornu`sa (as if from katastovrnumi ): f. -storevsw :— to over-spread or cover with a thing, tiv tini Il. II. to spread upon, Od.
III. to throw down, lay low, Hdt .; katast. kuvmata , Lat. sternere aequor , Anth.


kat-astravptw , f. yw , to hurl down lightning, kata; tovpon upon a place, Soph. ; absol. , katastravptei it lightens, Plut.

II. trans. to strike with lightning, dazzle, ta;" o[yei" Id.


kata-stra±topedeuvw , f. sw , to put into cantonments, encamp, Xen .: to station a fleet, Id.

II. Med. to take up quarters, encamp, Id.


kata-strevfw , f. yw , to turn down, trample on, h. Hom. : to turn the soil, Xen.

II. to upset, overturn, Ar.
2. Med. to subject to oneself, to subdue, Hdt ., Thuc. , etc. ; katestrevyato ej" fovrou ajpagwghvn subdued and made them tributary, Hdt. ; so, jIwnivhn katestrevyato dasmofovron ei\nai Id.

3. Pass ., in aor. I and pf. , to be subdued, Id.; ajkouvein sou` katevstrammai am constrained to hear, Aesch. :—but the pf. pass. is also used in sense of Med. , Hdt. , Dem.

III. to turn back, bring back, katevstreye lovgou" eij" filanqrwpivan Aeschin.
IV. to turn round, bring to an end, Aesch .: —absol. to come to an end, die, Plut.
V. to twist up: metaph ., levxi" katestrammevnh a close periodic style, opp. to a loose running style ( eijromevnh ) Arist.


kata-strhniavw , to behave wantonly towards, tinov" N.T.


katastrofhv , hJ , ( katastrevfw ) an overturning, Aesch. 2. a subduing, subjugation, reduction, Hdt ., Thuc.
II. a sudden turn or end, a close, conclusion, Aesch .; of death, Soph. , Thuc. : in drama, the catastropheŒ,

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