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kata-farmavssw , f. xw , to bewitch with drugs, Hdt.


kata-fa±tivzw , f. sw , to protest, promise, Plut.


kata-faulivzw , f. sw , to depreciate, Plut.


kata-ferhv" , ev" , ( fevromai ) going down, eu\te a]n k. givnhtai oJ h{lio" when the sun is near setting, Hdt. ; of ground, sloping downwards, Lat. declivis , Xen.

II. inclined, Lat. proclivis, pronus , pro;" oi\non Plut.


kata-fevrw , f. kat-oivsw , Ep. -oivsomai :— to bring down, a[co" me katoivsetai [Ai>do" ei[sw grief will bring me down to the grave, Il.; katafevrw podo;" ajkmavn I bring down my foot, Aesch. :— Pass. to be brought down by a river, of gold dust, Hdt.

2. of a storm, to drive ships to land, Thuc.
3. to pay down, Plut.
4. Pass. to be weighed down by sleep, N.T.
II. to carry home, Ar .: —Pass. to return, Id.


kata-feuvgw , f. -feuvxomai , to flee for refuge, Hdt .; c. acc ., k. bwmovn to flee for refuge to the altar, Eur. ; k. ejn tovpw/ to flee and take refuge in a place, Xen. ; to flee for protection, o}" a]n katafugh`/ ej" touvtou" Hdt .; so, k. ejpiv tina, prov" tina Dem.

2. ejk th`" mavch" k . to escape from. . , Hdt.
3. to have recourse to, eij" tou;" lovgou" Plat .; ejpi; to;n dikasthvn Arist.
4. eij" th;n tou` bivou metriovthta to fall back upon, appeal to, Dem. Hence katafeuktevon


katafeuktevon , verb. Adj. one must have recourse to, Luc .; and katavfeuxi"


katavfeuxi" , ew", hJ , flight for refuge, Thuc.

II. a place of refuge, Id.


katav-fhmi , to say yes, assent, Soph.


kata-fhmivzw , f. sw : aor. I -efhvmisa , Dor. -efavmixa :— to spread a report abroad, announce, Pind.

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