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kaq-iknevomai , f. -ivxomai , aor. 2 -i<Eth>kovmhn : Dep. :— to come down to: metaph. to reach, touch, me kaqivketo pevnqo" Od.; kaqivkeo qumovn hast touched my heart, Il.; kavra mou kaqivketo came down upon my head, Soph.


kaq-imavw »i<Eth>1/4 , f. hvsw , to let down by a rope, Ar.


kaqivxw , Dor. aor. I subj. of kaqivzw :— kaqivxa" , part.


kaq-ippavzomai , f. avsomai , Dep. to ride down, overrun with horse, Hdt.

2. to ride down, trample under foot, Aesch.


kaq-ippeuvw , f. sw , = kaqippavzomai 2, Eur.


kaqistavnw , = kaqivsthmi Lys .:—also kaqistavw , N. T.


kaqivsthmi ,

A. in Causal sense; of Act. , pres. , impf. , fut. ; of Med. , the aor. I , and sometimes pres. :— to set down, place, Il.; nh`a katavsthson stop it, bring it to land, Od.; k. divfron to station it, before starting for the race, Soph. :— Med. , »lai`fo"1/4 katesthvsanto steadied the sails, h. Hom.

2. to bring down to a place, Od., etc. :— to restore, ej" fw`" so;n kat. bivon Eur .: —Pass ., oujk a]n cavri" kaqivstaito would not be returned, Thuc.

3. to bring before a magistrate or king, Hdt.
II. of soldiers, to set in order, to set as guards, Xen.
2. to ordain, appoint, Hdt ., etc. :—in aor. I med. to appoint for oneself, establish, institute, Hdt ., Aesch.
b. esp. of political constitutions, to settle, establish, novmou" Eur ., etc. ; kat. politeivan , Lat. constituere rempublicam , Plat ., etc. :—so in Med. , frouvrhma gh`" kaqivstamai Aesch .; kaqivstato ta; peri; th;n Mitulhvnhn Thuc.

3. to bring into a certain state, kat. dh`mon ej" monarcivan Eur .; k. tina; ej" ajpovnoian, ej" fovbon, ej" ajporivan Thuc .; so, k. tou;" fivlou" ejn ajkinduvnw/ Xen .:—also, k. eJauto;n ej" krivsin to present himself for trial, Thuc.

4. to make or render so and so, k. tina yeudh` Soph .; a[piston Thuc .:—rarely c. inf ., kaq. tina; feuvgein to make him fly, Id.:— Med. , th;n naumacivan pezomacivan kaqivstasqai Id.

5. th;n zovhn katasthvsasqai ajpÆ e[rgwn ajnosiwtavtwn to get ones living by most unhallowed deeds, Hdt.

6. to make, continue, Aesch .; so in Med. , Id.
B. intr. in aor. 2, pf. , and plqpf. of Act. (also in fut. kaqesthvxw ), and in all tenses of Med. (except aor. I

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