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kata-crwvzw or -crwvnnu>;mi , f. -crwvsw , to colour: Pass. to be stained, Eur.


katavcusma , ato", tov , that which is poured over, sauce, Ar.

2. in pl. handfuls of nuts, figs, etc .; Lat. bellaria , which used to be showered over a bride or a new slave on entering the house ( cf. Virg. sparge, marite, nuces), Ar ., Dem.


kata-cwneuvw , f. sw , to melt down, Dem.


kata-cwvnnu<Eth>mi , f. -cwvsw , to cover with a heap, oJ novto" katevcwsev sfea" the South wind buried them in sand, Hdt. ; k. tina; livqoi" Ar.


kata-cwrivzw , f. Att. iw` , to set in a place, place in position, Xen .: —Pass. to take up a position, Id.


katacw`sai , aor. I inf. of katacwvnnumi .


kata-yakavzw , Att. for kata-yekavzw .


kata-yavllomai , Pass. to resound with music, Plut.


kata-yavw , f. hvsw , to stroke with the hand, to stroke, caress, katayw`sa aujtou` th;n kefalhvn Hdt .; katayw`n aujto;n »to;n kavnqaron1/4, w{sper pwlivon Ar.


kata-yekavzw , Att. -yakavzw , f. sw , to wet by continual dropping, Aesch ., Plut.


kata-yeuvdomai , Dep. , with f. med. -yeuvsomai , pf. pass. -evyeusmai , aor. I -eyeuvsqhn :— to tell lies against, speak falsely of, tino" Ar ., Plat. , etc.

2. to allege falsely against, tiv tino" Plat ., Dem.
3. to say falsely, pretend, Eur .: to feign, invent, ti Dem.
II. also as Pass. to be falsely reported: of writings, to be spurious, Plut.


kata-yeudomartuØrevw , f. hvsw , to bear false witness against, tinov" Xen .; so in Med. , Dem. :— Pass. to be borne down by false evidence, Plat.


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