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kata-yhfivzomai , f. Att. iou`mai , Med. to vote against or in condemnation of, tino" Plat ., Xen. ; k. tino" klophvn to find him guilty of theft, Plat. ; so in pf. pass ., kateyhfismevnoi aujtou` qavnaton Xen.

2. Pass ., in pf. and aor. I pass ., to be condemned, Plat ., Dem. :—of the sentence, to be pronounced against, divkh kateyhfismevnh tinov" Thuc .; kateyhfismevno" h\n mou oJ qavnato" Xen.

II. to vote in affirmation, Arist. Hence katayhfistevon


katayhfistevon , verb. Adj. one must condemn, Xen.


kata-yhvcw , f. xw , to rub down, pound in a mortar: Pass. to crumble away, pf. katevyhktai Soph.

II. to stroke down, caress, Lat. mulceo , i{ppou" Eur.


kata-yuvcw »u<Eth>1/4 , f. xw , to cool, chill, Arist .: —Pass ., pf. katevyugmai , aor. I kateyuvcqhn and 2 kateyuvghn »uØ1/4 :— to be chilled, become cold, of persons, Id., Plut.

II. Pass ., of a country, to be dried or parched up, Plut.


kateva<Eth>ga , intr. pf. of katavgnumi :— kateavghn »a±1/4 , aor. 2 pass. , 3 pl. subj. kateagw`sin :— katevaxa , aor. I act.


katevba<Eth> , Dor. for -evbh , 3 sing. aor. 2 of katabaivnw :— katevba<Eth>n , Dor. 3 pl. for -evbhsan .


kat-ebla<Eth>keumevnw" , Adv. pf. pass. part. of kata-bla<Eth>keuvw , ( blavx ) slothfully, tardily, Ar ., Anth.


kat-egguavw , f. hvsw : aor. I kathgguvhsa :— to pledge, betroth, pai`dav tini Eur.

II. as Att. law-term, to make responsible, to compel to give security, Dem .: —Med. or Pass. to give or find security, Id.

2. to seize as a security, Id.


kat-egguvh , hJ , bail or security given, Dem.


kat-evdw , Ep. pres ., = katesqivw , to eat up, devour, Il.; metaph. , oi\kon, kth`sin katevdein to eat up house, goods, Od.; o}n qumo;n katevdwn eating ones heart for grief, Il.


katehgwv" , Ion. for kateagwv" , intr. pf. part. of katavgnumi .


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