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), and all of Pass. :— to be set, set oneself down, settle, arrive, ej" tovpon Hdt ., Soph.
b. to come before another, stand in his presence, Hdt .; katasta;" ejpi; to; plh`qo" e[lege Thuc.
2. tto be set as guard, Hdt. , etc. : to be appointed, Eur ., etc.
3. to stand quiet, be calm, of water, Ar. ; so, pneu`ma kaqesthkov" Id.; oJ qovrubo" katevsth abated, Hdt. ; so, of persons, katastav" composedly, Aesch .; hJ kaqesthkui`a hJlikiva middle age, Thuc. 4. in pf. to come into a certain state, to become, and in aor. 2 and plqpf. to be, Hdt ., etc. ; katastavntwn eu\ tw`n prhgmavtwn being in a good state, Id.; tivni trovpw/ kaqevstate ; in what case are ye? Soph .; ajrxavmeno" eujqu;" kaqistamevnou ( sc. tou` polevmou ) from its first commencement, Thuc.

5. to be established or instituted, to prevail, exist, Hdt ., etc. : in pf. part ., existing, established, prevailing, to;n nu`n katestew`ta kovsmon Id.; oiJ kaqestw`te" novmoi Soph .; ta; kaqestw`ta the present state of life, Id.; so, ta; katestew`ta , existing laws, customs, Hdt.

6. Pass. to stand against, oppose, Tithvnessi katevstaqen Hes.


kaqov , Adv. for kaqÆ o{ , = kaqav , in so far as, according as, Lys ., etc.

II. so that, Plat.


kaq-odhgevw , f. hvsw , to guide, Plut.


kavq-odo" , Ion. kavt-odo" , hJ , a going down, descent, Luc .: a way down, Id.

II. a coming back, return, Eur ., Thuc. ; of an exile, Hdt. , Thuc.


kaq-ovlou , ( o{lo" ) as Adv. on the whole, in general, for kaqÆ o{lou , Arist. , etc. ; ouj kaqovlou , not at all, Dem.


kaq-omi<Eth>levw , f. hvsw , to conciliate by daily intercourse, to win the favour of, Arist.


kaq-omologevw , f. hvsw , to confess or allow, esp. to ones detriment, Plat.

II. to promise, vow, Luc.
2. to betroth, Plut.


kaq-oplivzw , f. Att. iw` , to equip or arm fully, th`/ panopliva/ Aeschin .: —Pass. to be so armed, Xen.

II. to; mh; kalo;n kaqoplivsasa having taken arms against dishonour, Soph. Hence kaqovplisi"


kaqovpliØsi" , ew", hJ , a mode of arming, armour, Xen.


kaq-oravw , Ion. kat- : impf. kaqewvrwn , Ion. 3 sing. katwvra : pf. kaqeovraka :—also from the Root OP , f.

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