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III. to boast that. . , Theocr.


kat-euwcevomai , Dep. to feast and make merry, Hdt.


katevfa±gon , v. katafagei`n .


kat-efavllomai , Dep. to spring down upon, rush upon, katepavlmeno" ( aor. 2 part. syncop.) Il., Anth.

II. for kat-evpalto , v. katapavllw .


kat-evfqiØto , 3 sing. Ep. aor. 2 pass. of katafqivw .


kat-efivstamai , Pass. , with aor. 2 act. to rise up against, N.T.


kat-evcw , f. kaqevxw and kataschvsw : aor. 2 katevscon , poët. katevsceqon , Ep. 3 sing. kavsceqe :

I. trans. to hold fast, Hes.
2. to hold back, withhold, Hom .:— to check, restrain, control, bridle, Hdt ., Att. :— Pass. to be held down, to be bound, kept under, Hdt.

3. to detain, Id., Xen. :— Pass. to be detained, to stay, stop, tarry, Hdt ., Soph.
II. to have in possession, possess, occupy, Trag.
2. of sound, to fill, ajlalhtw`/ pedivon katevcousi Il.; k. stratovpedon dusfhmivai" to fill it with his grievous cries, Soph.

3. biota;n k . to continue a life, Id.
4. to occupy, be spread over, cover, nu;x katevcÆ oujranovn Od.; hJmevra kavtesce gai`an Aesch .:—in Med. , katevsceto provswpa covered her face, Od.

5. of the grave, to confine, cover, Hom.
6. of conditions and the like, to hold down, overpower, oppress, afflict, Od., Soph. :—of circumstances, to occupy or engage one, Hdt.

7. to occupy, in right of conquest, Id., Soph. , etc.
8. to master, understand, Plat.
9. in Pass. , of persons, to be possessed, inspired, Xen ., Plat.
III. to follow close upon, press hard, Lat. urgere , Xen.
IV. to bring a ship to land, bring it in or to, Hdt.
B. intr .:
1. ( sub. eJautovn ) to control oneself, Soph ., Plat. :— to hold, stop, cease, of the wind, Ar.
2. to come from the high sea to shore, put in, h. Hom. , Hdt. , Att.
3. to prevail, oJ lovgo" katevcei the report prevails, is rife, Thuc .; seismoi; kat . earthquakes prevail, are frequent, Id.

4. to have the upper hand, Theogn ., Arist.
C. Med. to keep back for oneself, embezzle, Hdt.

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