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kat-hrefhv" , ev" , ( ejrevfw ) covered over, vaulted, overhanging, Hom ., Hes. ; k. pevtro" , of a cave, Soph. :—of trees, thick-leaved, Theocr .:— k. povda tiqevnai to keep the foot covered, of Pallas when seated, and the robe falls over her feet, opp. to ojrqo;n povda t ., when she steps forward, Aesch.

2. covered by a thing, c. dat ., spevo" davfnh/si kathrefev" shaded by laurels, embowered in them, Od.; tuvmbw/ k ., i.e. buried, Soph. :—also c. gen ., covered with or by a thing, Eur.


kathvrh" , e", ( * a[rw ) fitted out or furnished with a thing, c. dat ., Eur. :—of ships, furnished with oars, ploi`on kath`re" a rowing boat, Hdt. ; but, tavrso" k . a well-fitted aor. Eur.


kathvriqmhmai , pf. pass. of katariqmevw .


kathvriØpon , aor. 2 intr. of katereivpw .


kathvrtismai , pf. pass. of katartivzw .


kathrtivsw , 2 sing. aor. I med. of katartivzw .


kathvfeia , Ion. and Ep. -eivh or -ivh »i<Eth>1/4, hJ , ( kathfhv" ):— dejection, sorrow, shame, Il., Thuc.


kathfevw , f. hvsw , to be downcast, to be mute with horror or grief, Hom. , Eur. From kathfhv"


kat-hfhv" , ev" , with downcast eyes, downcast, mute, Od., Eur.

2. metaph. dim, obscure, dusk, Anth. (Deriv. uncertain.)


kathfiavw , = kathfevw , Anth.


kathfivh »i<Eth>1/4, hJ , Ep. for kathvfeia .


kathfwvn , ovno", oJ , ( kathfevw ) one who causes grief or shame, as Priam calls his sons kathfovne" , dedecora, Il.


kat-hcevw , f. hvsw , to sound a thing in ones ears, to teach by word of mouth, to instruct, Luc .: —Pass. to be informed, N.T.

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