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I. with verbs of Motion, down, downwards, Hom ., Hdt. , Att.
II. with Verbs of Rest, beneath, below, underneath, opp. to a[nw , Hes. :— esp. in the world below, Soph. , Plat.
b. geographically below, southward, Hdt .; but also, on the coast, Thuc.
III. as a Prep. c. gen. under, below, Trag.
IV. Comp. katwtevrw , lower, further, downwards, Ar; c. gen. lower than, below, Hdt.
2. Sup. katwtavtw , at the lowest part, Id.


kavtwqen , ( kavtw ) Adv. from below, up from below, Aesch ., Plat. :—also, from the low country, from the coast, Hdt.

II. below, beneath, where kavtw would be required by our idiom, Soph. , Plat. , etc.


kat-wqevw , aor. I -evwsa , to push down, Il.


ka±tw-kavra »ka±1/4 , Adv. head downwards, Ar.


kat-wmavdio" »a±1/4, a, on , ( w\mo" ) from the shoulder, divsko" k . a quoit thrown from the shoulder, i.e. from the upturned hand held above the shoulder, Il.; cf. sq.

II. worn or borne on the shoulder, Anth.


kat-wma±dovn , Adv. ( w\mo" ) from the shoulders, with the arm drawn back to the shoulder, Il.


kat-wmosiva , Ion. -ivh , hJ , ( o[mnumi ) an accusation on oath, Hdt.


kat-wra±i?zomai , Ion. for kaq-wrai?zomai .


katw`rux , uØco", oJ, hJ , ( katoruvssw ) sunk or imbedded in the earth, ajgorh; lavessi katwrucevessÆ ajrarui`a (as if from katwruchv" ), Od.

II. underground, in caves, Aesch .; ejk katwvruco" stevgh" , i.e. from the grave, Soph.
III. as Subst. , katw`rux, hJ , a pit, cavern, Id.
2. a buried treasure, Eur.


katwvtato" , h, on , Sup. Adj. from kavtw , lowest, Xen .: neut. pl. as Adv. , Hdt.


katw-fa±ga`" , ou` or a`, oJ , ( fagei`n ) eating with the head down to the ground, gluttonous, Ar.

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