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kavw »a<Eth>1/4 , Att. for kaivw , to burn.


ke , and before a vowel ken , Ep. and Ion. for a[n , Aeol. and old Dor. ka<Eth> ; always enclitic.

keavzw, KEA vZW

KEA vZW , Ep. aor. I keva±sa, kevassa, ejkevassa :— Pass. , Ep. aor. I keavsqhn : pf. part. kekeasmevno" :— to split, cleave wood, Od.; of lightning, to shiver, shatter, Ib.; of a spear, kevasse de; ojsteva leukav Il.; »kefalh;1/4 a[ndica keavsqh was cloven in twain, Ib.


keva±r , contr. kh`r , q.v.


keva±tai, keva±to , Ep. for kei`ntai, e[keinto , 3 pl. pres.and impf. of kei`mai .


keblhv-puØri" , ( pu`r ) the redcap, redpoll, Ar.


kegcriai`o" , a, on , ( kevgcro" ) of the size of a grain of millet, Luc.


kegcro-bovloi , oiJ , ( bavllw ) millet-throwers, Luc.

kevgcro", KE vGCROS

KE vGCROS , oJ , millet, Hes ., Hdt. , etc. ; of a single grain, Hdt.

II. anything in small grains, as the spawn of fish, Id. Hence kegcrwvmata


kegcrwvmata , wn, tav , things of the size of milletgrains: —in Eur. , eyelet-holes in the rim of the shield, through which a soldier could view his enemy without exposing his person.


kedavnnu<Eth>mi , poët. for skedavnnumi , Ep. aor. I ejkevdassa , pass. ejkedavsqhn :— to break asunder, break up, scatter, Hom .: —Pass ., kedasqeivsh" uJsmivnh" when the battle was broken up, i.e. when the combatants were no longer in masses, Il.

kednov", KEDNO vS

KEDNO vS , hv, ovn , careful, diligent, sage, trusty, Hom ., Aesch. , Eur.

2. pass. cared for, cherished, dear, Hom.
II. of things, kevdnÆ eijdui`" knowing her duties, Od.; k. frontiv", bouleuvmata sage, wise, Aesch. ; of news, good, joyful, Id.


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