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3. to be so and so, Hdt. , Aesch. :—simply, to be, nei`ko" k. tisi there is strife between them, Soph.


keimhvlion , tov , ( kei`mai ) anything stored up as valuable, a treasure, heirloom, Hom ., Hdt. , Soph. , Eur.


keivma<Eth>n , Dor. and poët. for ejkeivmhn , impf. of kei`mai .


kei`no" , h, o , Ion. and poët. for ejkei`no" : keivnh/ by that way, Od.: keivnw" in that manner, Hdt.


keinov" , hv, ovn , Ion. and poët. for kenov" .


Kei`o" , v. Kevo" .


keiriva , hJ , the cord or girth of a bedstead, Lat. instita , Ar.

II. in pl. swathings, grave-clothes, N.T.


keiruvlo" , oJ , v. khruvlo" .

keivrw, KEI vRW, keivrw

KEI vRW , f. kerw` , Ion. kerevw : aor. I e[keira , Ep. e[kersa : pf. kevkarka :— Med. , fut. kerou`mai : aor. I ejkeiravmhn , Ep. ejkersavmhn :— Pass. , aor. I part. kerqeiv" ; aor. 2 subj. ka±rh`/ , inf. ka±rh`nai , part. kareiv" : pf. kevkarmai :— to cut the hair short, shear, clip, Il., Hdt. , Eur. :— Med. to cut off ones hair or have it cut off, as in deep mourning, Hom. , Eur. , etc. :— Pass. , bostruvcou" kekarmevno" having ones locks cut off, Eur. ; kekavrqai ta;" kefalav" to have their heads shorn, in sign of mourning, Hdt. : of the hair, to be cut off, Pind.

II. to cut or hew out, Il.; u{lhn Soph.
III. to ravage a country, by cutting down the crops and fruit-trees, Hdt. , Thuc. :— Pass. , of a country, to be ravaged, Thuc .: —Med ., [Arh" plavka kersavmeno" having had the plain swept clean (by destroying the men), Aesch.

IV. generally, to destroy, and so,
1. to tear, eat greedily, Lat. depasci , of beasts, Hom. ; e[keire poluvkerwn fovnon , i.e. he slaughtered many a horned beast, Soph.

2. of the suitors, to consume, waste ones substance, Od.


keij" , crasis for kai; eij" .


kei`se , Adv. , Ion. and Ep. for ejkei`se , thither.

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