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kekuvlismai , pf. pass. of kuØlivndw .


kela±deinov" , hv, ovn , sounding, noisy, Il.; epith. of Artemis, from the noise of the chase, Hom. :— Dor. keladennov" , Pind.


kela±devw , f. -hvsw : poët. aor. I kelavdhsa : ( kevlado" ):— to sound as rushing water, Orac. ap. Aeschin. :— to shout aloud, in applause, Il.; k. paia`na to sound the loud paean, Eur.

2. of various sounds, to utter a cry, cry aloud, Aesch ., Ar. , etc. ; of bells, to ring, tinkle, Eur .; of the flute, k. fqovggon kavlliston Id.

II. trans. to sing of, celebrate loudly, tinav Pind ., Eur. , etc. Hence kelavdhma


kelavdhma , ato", tov , a rushing sound, Eur ., Ar.


kela±dh`ti" , ido", hJ , loud-sounding, Pind.

kevlado", KE vLADOS

KE vLADOS , oJ , a noise as of rushing waters: a loud noise, din, clamour, Il.

II. a loud clear voice, a shout, cry, Aesch ., Soph. , etc.
III. the sound of music, Eur.


kelavdw , Ep. form of keladevw , used in part. only, sounding, roaring, Hom ., Theocr.


kelain-egchv" , ev" , with black (i.e. bloody) spear, Pind.


kelai-nefhv" , ev" , sync. for kelaino-nefhv" , ( nevfo" ) black with clouds, of Zeus, shrouded in dark clouds, cloudwrapt, Hom .:—generally, dark-coloured, ai|ma Id.; pedivon k . black, rich soil, Pind.


kelainov-brwto" , on , black and bloody with gnawing, Aesch.


kelainovomai , Pass. to grow black or dark, Aesch.

kelainov", KELAINO vS

KELAINO vS , hv, ovn , black, swart, dark, murky, Hom ., etc.

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