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kentrovw , f. wvsw , ( kevntron ) to furnish with a sting: Pass. to be so furnished, to sting, Plat.

2. to strike with a goad, Hdt.


kevntrwn , wno", oJ , one that bears the marks of the kevntron , a rogue that has been put to the torture, Ar.


kenturivwn , wno", oJ , the Lat. Centurio , N.T.


kevntwr , oro", oJ , ( kentevw ) a goader, driver, Il.


kevnwsi" , ew", hJ , ( kenovw ) an emptying, Plat.


keoivmhn , opt. of kei`mai .


kevonto , Ion. 3 pl. of kei`mai .

kevpfo", KE vPFOS

KE vPFOS , oJ , a sea-bird:— metaph. a booby, Ar.


keraiva , hJ , ( kevra" ) any thing projecting like a horn; a yard-arm, (as Lat. cornua antennarum ), Aesch ., Thuc. , etc.

2. the projecting beam of a crane, Thuc.
3. a branching stake of wood, Plut .:— of the forked ends of the ancilia, Id.
4. the apex of a letter, a dot, tittle, N.T.
5. the projecting spur of a mountain, Anth.
II. a bow of horn, Id.


kerai?zw , Ep. impf. keravi>zon : aor. I ejkeravi>sa : ( keivrw ) :— to ravage, despoil, plunder, Hom ., Hdt.

2. of ships, to sink or disable them, Hdt.
3. of living beings, to assail fiercely, to slaughter, Il., Hdt.
II. to carry off as plunder, Hdt. Hence kerai>sthv"


kerai>sthv" , ou`, oJ , a ravager, robber, h. Hom.

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