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keraivw , Ep. for keravw, zwrovteron kevraie mix the wine stronger, Il.


kera±meiva , hJ , ( kerameuv" ) the potters art or craft, Plat.


Kera±meikov" , oJ , the Potters Quarter: in Athens two places were called Cerameicus, one within and the other without the Dipylon or Thriasian Gate, Thuc. , etc.


kera±mei`on , tov , a potters work-shop, Aeschin.


kera±meou`" , a`, ou`n , ( kevramo" ) of clay, earthen, Plat.


kera±meuv" , evw", oJ , ( kevra±mo" ) a potter, Lat. figulus , Il.:—proverb., kerameu;" keramei` kotevei ‘two of a trade never agree,’ Hes.

II. Keramei`" , Att. Keramh`" , oiJ , name of an Attic deme, Ar. , etc.


kera±meuvw , f. sw , ( kerameuv" ) to be a potter, work in earthenware, Plat ., etc.

2. c. acc ., k. to;n kerameva to make a pot of the potter, Id.


kera±miØkov" , hv, ovn , ( kevramo" ) of or for pottery, Xen ., etc.


keravmiØno" , h, on , = kerameou`" , Hdt. , Xen.


keravmion , tov , ( kevramo" ) an earthenware vessel, a jar, Lat. testa , Hdt ., Xen.


kera±miv" , hJ, ivdo" »iØ1/4 and -i`do" ( kevramo" ), a roof-tile or coping tile, Ar ., Thuc.

kevramo", KE vRA MOS, kevramo"

KE vR ØAMOS , oJ , potters earth, potters clay, Plat.

II. anything made of this earth, as,
1. an earthen vessel, wine-jar, Il., Hdt. : also in collective sense, pottery, Ar. ; k. ejsavgetai plhvrh" oi[nou jars full of wine, Hdt.

2. a tile, and in collective sense, the tiles, tiling, Ar ., Thuc.
III. a jar, used to confine a person in, Il.

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