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keravnnu<Eth>mi , and -uvw : impf. ejkeravnnun : f. keravsw : aor. I ejkevra±sa , poët. kevrasa , Ep. kevrassa :— Med. , aor. I ejkerasavmhn , Ep. 3 sing. keravssato :— Pass. , f. kra<Eth>qhvsomai aor. I ejkravqhn »a<Eth>1/4 , also ejkeravsqhn : pf. kevkra<Eth>mai , also kekevrasmai : ( keravw ):— to mix, mingle, ( cf. kra`si" ):

1. mostly of diluting wine with water, Od., Att. ;—so in Med. , o{te per oi\non kevrwntai when they mix their wine, Il.; krhth`ra keravssato he mixed him a bowl, Od.:— Pass. , kuvlix i[son i[sw/ kekramevnh a cup mixed half and half, Ar.

2. to temper or cool by mixing, qumh`re" keravsasa having mixed (the water) to an agreeable temperature, Od.

3. generally, to mix, blend, temper, regulate, Lat. tempero , of climates, w|rai mavlista kekramevnai most temperate seasons, Hdt. ; ouj gh`ra" kevkratai genea`/ no old age is mingled with the race, i.e. it knows no old age, Pind. :—of tempers of mind, Plat.

II. generally, to mix, compound, Lat. attempero , e[k tino" of a thing, Id.; fwnh; metaxu; th`" te Calkidevwn kai; Dwrivdo" ejkravqh Thuc.


kerao-xovo" , on , ( xevw ) polishing or working horn, esp. for bows, Il.


keraov" , av, ovn , ( kevra" ) horned, Hom ., Theocr.

II. of horn, made of horn, Anth.


kera-ou`co" , on , ( e[cw ) = kerou`co" , Anth.

kevra", KE vRAS, kevra"

KE vRAS , tov : gen. kevra<Eth>to" , Ep. kevrao" , Att. also kevrw" ; dat. kevra<Eth>ti, kevrai>, kevra/ :—dual kevrae, kevra<Eth>, keravoin : pl. nom. kevraa, kevra<Eth> , gen. keravwn, kerw`n , dat. kevra<Eth>si ( kevra±si in Hom. ), Ep. keravessi :—the Ion. decl. is kevra", kevreo", kevrei> , pl. kevrea, kerevwn :

I. the horn of an animal, as of oxen, Il.; ojfqalmoi; dÆ wJsei; kevra e[stasan his eyes stood fixed and stiff like horns, Od.

II. horn, as a material, aiJ me;n ga;r »aiJ puvlai1/4 keravessi teteuvcatai , of the horn doors, through which the true dreams came, Ib.

III. anything made of horn,
1. a bow, Il., Hom. , Theocr.
2. of musical instruments, a horn for blowing, Xen .: a flute, Luc.
3. a drinking-horn, Xen.
IV. boo;" k . a horn guard or pipe to which the leadweight ( moluvbdaina ) of a fishing-line was attached, Hom.

V. kevrata the horn points with which the writing-reed was tipped, Anth.
VI. an arm or branch of a river, Hes ., Thuc.
VII. the wing of an army or fleet, Hdt ., Att. ; kata; kevra" prosbavllein, ejpipivptein to attack in flank, Thuc ., Xen. ; ejpi; kevra" a[gein to lead towards the wing, i.e. in column, not with a broad front, Lat. agmine longo , Hdt ., Att.

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