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kerdivwn , on »iØ Ep ., i<Eth> Att .], gen. ono" , Comp. (with no Posit. in use, formed from kevrdo" ), more profitable, Hom ., etc.

II. kevrdisto", h, on , Sup. most cunning or crafty, Il.
2. of things, most profitable, Aesch ., Soph.

kevrdo", KE vRDOS, kevrdo"

KE vRDOS , eo", tov , gain, profit, advantage, Lat. lucrum , Od.; poiei`sqaiv ti ejn kevrdei , Horaces lucro apponere, Hdt .; so, kevrdo" hJgei`sqai or nomivzein ti Eur ., Thuc.

2. desire of gain, love of gain, Find., Trag.
II. in pl. cunning arts, wiles, tricks, Hom.


kerdosuvnh , hJ , like kerdaleovth" , cunning, craft: dat. kerdosuvnh/ as Adv. , by craft, cunningly, Hom.


kerdwv , ovo" , contr. ou`", hJ , ( kevrdo" ) the wily one, i.e. the fox, Pind ., Ar.


kerdw`/o" , a, on , ( kevrdo" ) bringing gain, of Hermes, Luc. , etc.

II. ( kerdwv ) foxlike, wily, Babr.


kevrea , tav , Ion. for kevraa, kevra<Eth>ta , pl. of kevra" .


kereevw , Ep. for kerw` , fut. inf. of keivrw .


kerkiØdo-poii>khv ( sc. tevcnh ) , hJ , the art of the shuttlemaker ( kerkidopoiov" ), Arist.


kerkivzw , to make the web close with the kerkiv" , Plat.


kerkiv" , ivdo", hJ , ( krevkw ?) in the loom, the rod or comb by which the threads of the woof were driven home, so as to make the web even and close, Hom. , Soph. , etc.

II. any rod, a measuring-rod, Anth.
2. the great bone of the leg, the tibia, Plut.

kevrko", KE vRKOS

KE vRKOS , hJ , the tail of a beast, Ar. , Plat. , etc.


kevrkouro" or kerkou`ro" , oJ , a light vessel, boat, esp. of the Cyprians, Hdt.

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