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kaino-phghv" , ev" , ( phvgnumi ) newly put together, newmade, Aesch.


kaino-phvmwn , on , ( ph`ma ) new to misery, Aesch.


kaino-poievw , f. hvsw , to make new, to bring about new things, to make changes, innovate, Luc .: —Pass. , tiv kainopoihqe;n levgei" ; what new-fangled, strange words art thou using? Soph. Hence kainopoihthv"


kainopoihthv" , ou`, oJ , an inventor of new pleasures, Xen.

kainov", KAINO vS, kainov"

KAINO vS , hv, ovn , new, fresh, Lat. recens, novus , kaina; kai; palaia; e[rga Hdt .; kainou;" lovgou" fevrein to bring news, Aesch .; levgetaiv ti kainovn ; Dem. ; ejk kainh`" ( sc. ajrch`" ) anew, afresh, Lat. de novo , Thuc .: —esp. of dramas produced for the first time, Aeschin ., Dem.

II. newly-invented, new-fangled, novel, Eur ., etc. ; k. qeoiv strange gods, Plat .; kainav innovations, Xen. ; oujde;n kainovteron eijsevfere tw`n a[llwn he introduced as little of anything new as others, Id.; to; kaino;n tou` polevmou the unforeseen turn which war often takes, Thuc.

III. k. a[nqrwpo" = novus homo, Plut.


kainov-ta±fo" , on , of a new tomb, Anth.


kainovth" , hto", hJ , ( kainov" ) newness, freshness, Plut.

2. novelty, Thuc ., etc.


kainotomevw , f. hvsw , ( tevmnw ) to cut fresh into, in mining, to open a new vein, Xen.

II. metaph. to begin something new, institute anew, Ar .: absol. to make innovations in the state, Lat. res novare , Arist .; also, k. peri; ta; qei`a Plat .; and kainotomiva


kainotomiva , hJ , innovation, Plut.

2. novelty, Id.


kaino-tovmo" , on , ( tevmnw ) innovating, Arist.


kainourgevw , to begin something new, tiv kainourgei`" ; what new plan art thou meditating? Eur .; k. lovgon to speak new, strange words, Id.: to make innovations, Xen .; and kainourgiva

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