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khdesthv" , ou`, oJ , ( kh`do" ) a connexion by marriage, Lat. affinis , Xen ., etc. : esp. a son-in-law, father-in-law, a step-father, Dem .:— a brother-in-law, Eur. Hence khdestiva


khdestiva , hJ , connexion by marriage, Xen.


khvdeuma , ato", tov , connexion or alliance by marriage, Lat. affinitas , Eur.

2. poët. for khdesthv" , one who is so connected, Soph ., Eur.


khdeuthv" , oJ , = khdemwvn , Anth.


khdeuvw , f. sw , ( kh`do" ) to take charge of, attend to, tend, Soph ., Eur.

2. esp. to attend to a corpse, close the eyes, bury, mourn, Eur ., etc.
II. to contract a marriage, ally oneself in marriage, Aesch ., Eur. ; k. levco" to marry, Soph .: —Pass. to be so allied, Eur.

2. c. acc. pers. to make ones kinsman by marriage, Id.
3. absol ., oiJ khdeuvsante" those who formed the marriage, Id.


khdhvsw , fut. of khvdw .


khvdisto" , h, on , Sup. formed from kh`do" , most worthy of our care, most cared for, Hom.

II. nearest allied by marriage, Od.


kh`do" , Dor. ka`do" , eo", tov , ( khvdw ) care for others, c. gen ., Od.

2. trouble, sorrow; mostly in pl. troubles, Hom.
3. esp. cares for the dead, mourning, Id., Aesch. , etc. ; also in sing. , ka`do" fqimevnou Pind .; a{ma khvdei>

when there is a death in the family, Hdt. ; ej" to; k. ijevnai to attend the funeral, Id.

4. an object of care, a care, Aesch.
II. connexion by marriage, Lat. affinitas , Hdt ., Att.


khdovsuno" , on , anxious, Eur.


khvdw : impf. e[khdon , Ion. khvdeskon : f. khdhvsw (from a form khdevw ):— Med. and Pass. , Ep. impf. khdevsketo : f. keka±dhvsomai (for kekadhvsw, kevkadon , v. cavzw B): aor. I imper. khvdesai : pf. kevkhda (in pres. sense):

I. Act. to trouble, distress, vex, Hom.
II. Med. and Pass. to be troubled or distressed for others, c. gen. pers. , Il., etc. : also c. gen. rei, tw`n

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