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khlhthvrio" , a, on , better o", on , charming, appeasing, Eur .; to; k. = khvlhma , Soph.


khlhvth" , ou, oJ , ( khvlh ) one who is ruptured, Anth.


khli<Eth>dovw , f. wvsw , to stain, sully, soil, Eur. From khliv"

khliv", KHLI vS

KHLI vS »i<Eth>1/4, i`do", hJ , a stain, spot, defilement, esp. of blood, Trag.

2. metaph. a stain, blemish, dishonour, Soph ., Xen.

kh`lon, K `HLON

K `HLON , tov , a shaft, an arrow, Il., Hes.

khvlwn, KH vLWN

KH vLWN , wno", oJ , a swipe or swing-beam, for drawing water, Lat. tolleno : —so, khlwvneion , Ion. -hvion

, tov , Hdt.


khjmautovn, khjmev, khjmoiv , Dor. crasis for kai; ejmautovn, kai; ejmev, kai; ejmoiv .

khmov", KHMO vS

KHMO vS , oJ , a muzzle, put on a led horse, Xen. , Anth.

II. the funnel-shaped top to the votingurn ( kavdo", kadivsko" ) in the Athen. law-courts, through which the ballots ( yh`foi ) were dropt, Ar.


khmovw , ( khmov" ) to muzzle a horse, Xen.


khjn , Dor. crasis for kai; ejn :—but kh[n for kai; a[n .


khjniautov" , Dor. crasis for kai; ejniautov" .


kh`no" , Aeol. for kei`no", ejkei`no" .


kh`nso" , oJ , Lat. census , registration of taxation, N.T .:— the tax itself, Ib.

khvx, KH vX

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