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kainourgiva , hJ , innovation, Isocr. From kainourgov"


kain-ourgov" , ovn, ( * e[rgw ) producing changes: to; k . a novelty, Luc.


kainovw , f. wvsw , ( kainov" ) to make new, innovate: Pass. , of political changes, Thuc. ; kainou`sqai ta;" dianoiva" to have their minds revolutionised, Id.

II. = kainivzw , to use for the first time, to handsel, Hdt.


kaiv nuv ke , and now perhaps, Hom.

kaivnuØmai, KAI vN ØUMAI

KAI vN ØUMAI , 3 sing. impf. ejkaivnuØto : pf. kevkasmai , Dor. kevkadmai (as pres. : 3 sing. plqpf. ejkevkasto (as impf. ): Dep. :— to surpass, excel, ejkaivnuto fu`lÆ ajnqrwvpwn nh`a kubernh`sai he surpassed mankind in steering, Od.; ejgceivh/ dÆ ejkevkasto Panevllhna" he excelled all the Hellenes in throwing the spear, Ib.; oJmhlikivhn ejkevkasto gnw`nai surpassed them all in knowledge, Ib.: esp. in part. , dovloisi kekasmevne excellent in wiles, Ib.: tevcnh/si kekasmevno" Hes .; frourai`" kevkastai is well furnished with, Eur.


kai; nu`n , and now, even now, Hom.

kaivnw, KAI vNW

KAI vNW , f. ka±nw` : aor. 2 e[ka±non , inf. ka±nei`n Dor. kanh`n : pf. kevkona :— collat. form of kteivnw , to kill, slay, Trag ., Xen.


kaivper , although, albeit, mostly with a part. , kaivper polla; paqwvn Od.; often divided, kai; oujk ajgaqovn per ejovnta Il.; kai; kraterov" per ejwvn Ib.; in Trag. , with o{mw" added, kaivper ouj stevrgwn o{mw" Id., etc.


kaiv rJa , Ep. , to make a transition, and so, Il.


kaivrio" , a, on , and o", on : ( kairov" B):

I. of Place, in or at the right place, hence of parts of the body, ejn kairivw/, kata; kaivrion in a vital part, Il.; also, of wounds, pevplhgmai kairivan plhghvn, kairiva" plhgh`" tucei`n Aesch .; plhghv is sometimes omitted, Hdt. :— Adv. -ivw" , mortally, Aesch.

II. of Time, in season, seasonable, timely, opportune, Hdt ., Trag. , etc. ; ta; kaivria timely circumstances, opportunities, Thuc.

2. lasting but for a season, Anth.

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