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khru<Eth>khi?h, -hvi>on , Ion. for khrukeiva, -eivon .


khru<Eth>kikov" , hv, ovn , ( kh`rux ) of heralds, Plat.


khruvlo" »uØ1/4, oJ , the halcyon. The form keivrulo" is a joke in Ar. , the barber Sporgilos being called (from keivrw ), rasor-bird.


kh`rux , Dor. ka`rux , u<Eth>ko", oJ , a herald, pursuivant, marshal, public messenger, Hom ., etc. In Hom. they summon the assembly, separate combatants, have charge of sacrifices, act as envoys, and their persons were sacred. After Hom. , Hermes is called the kh`rux of the gods, Hes. , etc.

2. at Athens, a crier, who made proclamation in the public assemblies, Ar. , etc. From khruvssw


khruvssw , Il., Att. -ttw , Dor. ka<Eth>ruvssw : f. -xw : aor. I ejkhvruxa :— Pass. , f. khrucqhvsomai ; fut. med. in pass. sense khruvxomai : aor. I ejkhruvcqhn : pf. kekhvrugmai :— to be a herald, officiate as herald, Il.; lao;n khruvssonte" ajgeirovntwn let them convene the people by voice of herald, Ib.; khvrusse, kh`rux Aesch. , etc. :— impers. , khruvssei ( sc. oJ kh`rux ) he gives notice, proclamation is made, Xen.

II. c. acc. pers. to summon by voice of herald, Hom ., Ar.
2. to proclaim as conqueror, Xen. , etc. : to extol, Eur.
3. to call upon, invoke, Aesch ., Eur.
III. c. acc. rei, to proclaim, announce, tiv tini Trag .:— to proclaim or advertise for sale, Hdt. ; k. ajpoikivan to proclaim a colony, i.e. to invite people to join as colonists, Thuc.

2. to proclaim or command publicly, Lat. indicere , Aesch ., Soph. , etc. ; ta; khrucqevnta the public orders, Soph.


khrwtov" , hv, ovn , ( khrovw ) covered with wax: khrwthv, hJ , a cerate or salve, Ar.


khj/" , Dor. crasis for kai; eij" .


kh`tai , contr. from kevhtai , 3 sing. subj. of kei`mai .


khvteio" , a, on , ( kh`to" ) of sea monsters, Mosch.

kh`to", K `HTOS, kh`to"

K `HTOS , eo", tov , any sea-monster or huge fish, Hom ., Hdt.

II. an abyss, hollow, cf. khvtwei" .

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