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3. Adv. -rivw" , in season, seasonably, Aesch .: Comp. -wtevrw" Xen .:—so also, pro;" to; kaivrion Soph.

kai`ro", KA `IROS

KA `IROS (A), oJ , the row of thrums in the loom, to which the threads of the warp are attached, Lat. licia .

kairov", KAIRO vS, kairov"

KAIRO vS (B), oJ , due measure, proportion, fitness, Hes ., etc. ; kairou` pevra beyond measure, unduly, Aesch. , etc. ; meivzwn tou` kairou` , Lat. justo major , Xen.

II. of Place, a vital part of the body, like to; kaivrion , Eur.
III. of Time, the right point of time, the proper time or season of action, the exact or critical time, Lat. opportunitas , kairo;" bracu; mevtron e[cei ‘time and tide wait for no man,’ Pind. ; kairo;n parievnai to let the time go by, Thuc. ; kairou` tucei`n Eur .; kairo;n lambavnein Thuc .; e[cein kairovn to be in season, Id.:— kairov" ejsti , c. inf ., it is time to do, Hdt. , etc.

2. adverbial usages, eij" or ej" kairovn in season, at the right time, opportune, Hdt ., etc. ; so, ejpi; kairou` Dem .;— kata; kairovn Hdt .; pro;" kairovn Soph ., etc. ; and, without Preps., kairw`/ or kairovn in season, Att .;—all these being opp. to ajpo; kairou` , Plat. ; para; kairovn Eur .; pro; kairou` prematurely, Aesch.

3. pl ., ejn toi`" megivstoi" k . at the most critical times, Xen ., etc.
IV. advantage, profit, fruit, tino" of or from a thing, Pind. ; tiv kairo;skataleivbein ; what avails it to. . ? Eur. ; ou| k. ei[h where it was convenient or advantageous, Thuc .; meta; megivstwn kairw`n with the greatest odds, the most critical results, Id.


kairosevwn , a fem. gen. pl. in Od. 7. 107, kairosevwn ojqonevwn ajpoleivbetai e[laion from the close-woven linen trickles off the oil;—i.e. the linen is so well-woven, that oil does not ooze through. It seems to be for kairoessevwn , Ep. gen. pl. of an Adj. kairovei" , from kai`ro" A.


kairo-fuØla±kevw , f. hvsw , ( fuvlax ) to watch for the right time, Dem .:—also, to attend on, Luc.


kaiv toi or kaivtoi , and indeed, and further, Hom ., Eur.

II. and yet, to mark an objection, kaivtoi tiv fhmi ; Aesch. ; kaivtoi tiv fwnw` ; Soph. :—also, strengthd. kaivtoi ge Ar.

kaivw, KAI vW, kaivw

KAI vW , old Att. kavw »a<Eth>1/4 : impf. e[kaion , old Att. e[ka<Eth>on Ep. kai`on :— f. kauvsw and kauvsomai : aor. I e[kausa , Ep. e[kha or e[keia and without augm. kh`a , imper. kh`on , 1 pl. subj. khvomen ; opt. khvai, khvaien ; inf. kh`ai ; Att. part. keva", kevante" : pf. kevkauka :— Med. , aor. I ejkausavmhn , Ep. 3 pl. khvanto :— Pass. , fut. 2 ka±hvsomai :— aor. I ejkauvqhn , aor. 2 ejkavhn »a±1/4 , Ep. inf. kahvmenai :— pf. kevkaumai :

I. to light, kindle, pura; pollav Il.; pu`r kh`ai Od.; Med. , pu`r khvanto they lighted them a fire, Hom. :— Pass. to be lighted, to burn, Il., Hdt. , etc.

II. to set on fire, burn up, burn, Hom.
2. to burn, scorch, of the sun, Hdt. :—also of extreme cold (as Virg. penetrabile frigus adurit), Xen.

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