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kivw, KI vW

KI vW , imperat. kive , 2 sing. subj. kivh/" , Ep. 1 pl. kivomen (for kivwmen ): opt. kivoimi ; part. kiwvn, kiou`sa : impf. e[kion , Ep. kivon :— to go, Hom ., Aesch.

kivwn, KI vWN

KI vWN »i<Eth>1/4, ono", oJ or hJ , a pillar, Lat. columna , Od.: a flogging-post, Soph ., Aeschin; proverb., e[sqie tou;" Megaklevou" kivona" eat the pillars of his hall, for being a spendthrift, he had nothing else left to give, Ar.

2. in pl. the pillars guarded by Atlas, which keep heaven and earth asunder, Od.; whereas in Hdt. Mount Atlas is oJ kivwn tou` oujranou` .

II. a columnar grave-stone, Anth.


klaggaivnw or -avnw , ( klavzw ) of hounds, to give tongue, only in pres. , Aesch. , Xen. From klagghv


klagghv , hJ , ( klavzw ) any sharp sound, such as the twang of a bow, Il.; the scream of cranes, Hom. ; the grunting of swine, Od.; the hissing of serpents, Aesch. ; the barking of dogs, Xen. :—also of song, Soph. ; kl. duvsfato" , of Cassandra-prophecies, Aesch.


klagghdovn , Adv. with a clang, noise, din, Il.


kla±gerov" , av, ovn , ( klavzw ) screaming, of cranes, Anth.


klavgxa" , aor. I part. of klavzw .


kla`/da , Dor. for klh`/da, klei`da , acc. of kleiv" .


kla±div , metaplast. dat. of klavdo" :—but

II. kl a/Ñ div , Dor. dat. of kleiv" .


klavdion , tov , Dim. of klavdo" , Anth.


kla±divsko" , oJ , Dim. of sq. , Anacreont.


klavdo" »a±1/4, ou, oJ , ( klavw ) a young slip or shoot broken off: esp. an olive-branch wound round with

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