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3. to turn aside, o[sse pavlin klivnasa having turned back her eyes, Ib.
4. to make to recline, ejn klivnh/ kl. tinav to make him lie down at table, Hdt. :— metaph. , hJmevra klivnei a{panta puts to rest, lays low all things, Soph.

II. Pass. to be bent, bend, ejklivnqh he bent aside, swerved, Il.; of a pan, a]y eJtevrwsÆ ejklivqh it was tipped over to the other side, Od.

2. to lean or stay oneself upon or against a thing, c. dat ., Hom. ; so in Med. , klinavmeno" Od.:—also, keklimevno" ejpavlxesin seeking safety in them, Il.

3. to lie down, lie, Hom ., etc. ; to lie on a couch at meals, Hdt. , etc.
4. of Places (in pf. ), to lie sloping towards the sea, aJli; keklimevnh Od.; nh`soi, ai{qÆ aJli;keklivatai ( Ep. for kevklintai ), Ib.

5. to wander from the right course, Theogn.
III. Med. to decline, of the day, Hdt. ; so, intr. in Act. , hJ hJmevra h[rxato klivnein N.T .: —metaph ., kl. ejpi; to; cei`ron to fall off, degenerate, Xen.


kliØsiva , Ion. -ivh , hJ , ( klivnw ) a place for lying down, hence,

I. a hut, cot, cabin, such as besiegers lived in during long sieges, Il.:—that they were not tents, but wooden huts, appears from Il. 24. 448 sq. ; and when an army broke up, it burnt them on the spot, Od. 8.

II. a couch or easy chair, Od., Pind.
2. a bed, nuptial bed, Eur.
III. a company of people sitting at meals, N.T.
IV. a reclining or lying, Plut.


kliØsiavde" , aiJ , ( klivnw ) folding doors or gates, Plut .: —metaph. a means of entrance, access, Hdt.


kliØsivhqen , Adv. out of or from a hut, Il.


kliØsivhnde , Adv. into or to the hut, Il.


klivsion »kliØ1/4, tov , ( klivnw ) the outbuildings round a herdmans cot, Od.


klivsi" »iØ1/4, ew", hJ , ( klivnw ) a bending, inclination, tou` trachvlou Plut.

II. a lying down, lying, Eur.


klismov" , oJ , ( klivnw ) a couch, Hom.


klivto" »iØ1/4, tov , = klivma II , a clime, Anth.

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