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kluvdwn »uØ1/4, wno", oJ , ( kluvzw ) a wave, billow, and collectively surf Od., Trag.

II. metaph ., kl. kakw`n a sea of troubles, Aesch. ; kl. xumfora`" Soph .; kl. e[fippo" a flood of horsemen, Id., etc.


kluØdwnivzomai , Pass. to be tossed like waves, N.T.


kluØdwvnion , tov , Dim. of kluvdwn , a little wave, ripple, Eur .; generally, a wave, Aesch .:—as collective noun, the surf, Thuc.

II. metaph ., kl. colh`" Aesch.

kluvzw, KLU vZW

KLU vZW , f. kluvsw »uØ1/4 , Ep. kluvssw :— Pass. , aor. I ejkluvsqhn ; pf. kevklusmai :— to dash over, of a wave, h. Hom. : to dash like a wave, Aesch .: —Pass. to be dashed up, of the sea, Hom. ; to rise in waves, Hes.

II. to wash off or away, Eur.
2. to wash or rinse out, Xen.
3. eij" w\ta kl . to put water into the ears and so cleanse them, Eur.
4. keklusmevno" karw`/ washed over or coated with wax, Theocr.


kluØqi , aor. 2 imper. of kluvw .


kluvmeno" »uØ1/4, h, on , = klutov" , famous, Theocr.


kluvsma , ato", tov , ( kluvzw ) a liquid used for washing out: esp. a clyster, drench, Hdt.

II. a place washed by the waves, the sea-beach, Plut ., Luc.


klusthvr , h`ro", oJ , a clyster-pipe, syringe, Hdt.


Klutai-mnhvstra , hJ , ( klutov", mnavomai ) the queen of Agamemnon, Il.


klu`te , 2 pl. aor. 2 imper. of kluvw .


kluØtov-dendro" , on , ( devndron ) famous for trees, Anth.

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