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kluØto-ergov" , ovn, ( * e[rgw ) famous for work, Od., Anth.


kluØtov-karpo" , on , glorious with fruit, Pind.


kluØtov-mhti" , i , gen. io" , famous for skill, h. Hom.


kluØtov-mocqo" , on , famous for toils, Anth.


klutov-noo" , on , famous for wisdom, Anth.


kluØtov-pai" , oJ, hJ , with famous children, Anth.


kluØtov-pwlo" , on , with noble steeds, Il.


kluØtov" , hv, ovn , and ov", ovn , ( kluvw ):— heard of, i.e. famous, renowned, glorious, of persons, Hom.

2. of things, noble, splendid, beauteous, Id., etc.


kluØto-tevcnh" , ou, oJ , ( tevcnh ) famous for his art, renowned artist, Hom.


kluØtov-toxo" , on , ( tovxon ) famous for the bow, renowned archer, Hom.

kluvw, KLU vW

KLU vW , aor. 2 e[kluon , Ep. kluvon ; imper. (as if from klu`mi ) klu`qi, klu`te , Ep. redupl. kevkluØqi, kevkluØte :— to hear, Hom ., etc. ; kluvein tiv tino" to hear a thing from a person, Il., etc. ; then, kluvein tino" to hear him, Ib.; kl. ti to hear it, Od., etc. :— c. gen. objecti, to hear of a person or thing, Soph.

2. to perceive generally, know, Od., Hes.
II. to give ear to, attend to, tinov" Hom ., etc. ; the imperat. is esp. used in prayers, give ear to me, hear me, klu`qiv meu, jArgurovtoxe Il.; kevklutev meu, qeoiv Ib.:—also c. dat. to listen to, obey, Hes ., etc.

III. in Trag. like ajkouvw v. to be called or spoken of so and so, with an Adv. , eu\ or kakw`" kluvein .


klwbov", oJ , a bird-cage, Anth.


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