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kodravnth" , ou, oJ , the Lat. quadrans , = 1/4 of an as, N.T.

koevw, KOE vW

KOE vW , contr. kow` , to mark, perceive, hear, Anacr.


kovqen , Ion. for povqen .


kovqorno" , oJ , Lat. cothurnus , a buskin or high boot, reaching to the middle of the leg, Hdt. , etc. The kovqorno" was worn by tragic actors, its heels serving to add height to the figure: thus it became the emblem of Tragedy, as the soccus of Comedy.

2. since the buskins might be worn on either foot, oJ Kovqorno" was a nickname for a trimmer or timeserver, such as Theramenes, Xen.


kovq-ouro" , on , of drones, dock-tailed, i.e. without a sting, Hes. (Prob. from koqwv , ou`", hJ , an old word for blavbh , and oujrav tail.)


koi? , Comic word, to express the squeaking of young pigs, Ar.


koi?zw , to cry koi? , squeak like a young pig, Ar.


koivh/ , Ion. for poiva/ , dat. sing. of poi`o" , Ion. koi`o" , used as Adv. , how? in what way? in what respect? Hdt.


koilaivnw , f. a±nw` : aor. I ejkoivlhna , Att. ejkoivla<Eth>na : ( koi`lo" ):— to make hollow, scoop out, Hdt .; k. cw`ma , i.e. to dig a grave, Theocr.


koilav" , avdo", hJ , ( koi`lo" ) a hollow, deep valley, Anth.


Koivlh , hJ , fem. of koi`lo" , name of a dh`mo" in Attica, Hdt.


koiliva , Ion. -ivh , hJ , ( koi`lo" ) the large cavity of the body, the belly, Lat. venter , Hdt ., Ar. , etc.

2. the intestines, bowels, Hdt .; k. uJeiva pigs tripe, Ar .; in pl. tripe and puddings, Id. Hence koiliopwvlh"

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