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koilio-pwvlh" , ou, oJ , ( pwlevw ) a tripe-seller, Ar.


koilo-gavstwr , oro", oJ, hJ , ( gasthvr ) hollow-bellied, hungry, Aesch .: metaph. a hollow shield, Id.


koilov-pedo" , on , ( pevdon ) lying in a hollow, Pind.

koi`lo", KO `ILOS

KO `ILOS , h, on , hollow, hollowed, epith. of ships, which in early times were hollowed out of trees, Hom. ; later, koivlh nau`" was the hold of the ship, Hdt. , Xen. ; so, hJ koivlh alone, Theocr. :—of the Trojan horse, k. lovco", k. dovru Od.; k. kavpeto" , of a grave, Il.; k. demnia , of the bed when no one is in it, Soph.

2. of Places, lying in a hollow or forming a hollow, koivlh Lakedaivmwn the vale of L., Od.; k. Qessaliva Hdt .; k. [Argo" Soph .; ta; Koi`la th`" Eujboiva" Hdt .; hJ Koilhv the valley of the Ilissu, Id.:—
k. limhvn of a harbour lying between high cliffs, Od.; k. aijgialov" an embayed beach, Ib.:— k. oJdov" a hollow way, Il.:— k. potamov" a river nearly empty of water, Thuc. (so Virgil, cava flumina): metaph. of the voice, hollow, mukavsato koi`lon Theocr .; fqevggesqai koi`lon Luc.

II. as Subst. koi`lon, tov , a hollow, cavity, ravine, Plat .; like koiliva , of the cavities in the body, ta; k. gastrov" Eur .; also, ejn tw`/ koivlw/ kai; mucw`/ tou` limevno" Thuc.


koil-ovfqalmo" , on , hollow-eyed, Xen.


koilo-ceivlh" , e" , ( cei`lo" ) hollow-rimmed, Anth.


koil-wvdh" , e" , ( ei\do" ) hollow-like, cavernous, favragx Babr.


koivlwma , ato", tov , a hollow, cavity, Babr ., etc.


koil-wphv" , ev" , ( w[y ) hollow-eyed: fem. -w`pi" , ido" , Anth.


koil-wpov" , ovn , ( w[y ) hollow to look at: hollow, Eur.


koimavw , Ion. -evw : f. hvsw , Dor. avsw »a<Eth>1/4 : aor. I ejkoivmhsa , Ep. koivmhsa :— Med. , 3 sing. Ep. aor. I koimhvsato :— Pass. , aor. I ejkoimhvqhn : ( kei`mai ):— to lull or hush to sleep, put to sleep, Hom.

2. metaph. to lull to rest, still, calm, ajnevmou", kuvmata Id.; ojduvna" Il.; koivmhson eu[fhmon stovma lay thy tongue asleep in silence, Aesch.

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