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kovmh, KO vMH, kovmh

KO vMH , hJ , the hair, hair of the head, Lat. coma , Hom ., etc. ; also in pl. , Id.:— kovmhn trevfein to let the hair grow long, Hdt. ; kovmhn keivresqai to shave off the hair, in mourning, Od., etc. ; kovmai provsqetoi false hair, a wig, Xen.

II. metaph. the foliage, leaves of trees, Od.


Komht-a±muØniva" , ou, oJ , Comic adaptation of the name Amynias, Coxcomb-amynias ( cf. komavw ), Ar.


komhvth" , ou, oJ , ( komavw ) wearing long hair, long-haired, ap. Hdt. , Ar.

2. metaph ., ijo;" k . a feathered arrow, Soph. ; leimw;n k . a grassy meadow, Eur.
II. as Subst. a comet, Arist.


komiØdhv , hJ , ( komivzw ) attendance, care, in Il., always of care bestowed on horses; in Od., of care bestowed on men, by means of baths, etc. ; also, care bestowed on a garden, Od.

2. provision, supplies, Ib.
II. carriage, conveyance, importation, Thuc .: a gathering in of harvest, Xen.
2. (from Med. also) a carrying away for oneself, a recovery, Hdt .:— the recovery of a debt, payment, Dem.

3. (from Pass. ) a going or coming, Hdt .: an escape, safe return, Id.


komiØdh`/ or komidh` , Adv. ( dat. of komidhv ) exactly, just, Plat ., Dem.

2. like pavnu , absolutely, altogether, quite, Plat .; ouj komidh`/ not at all, Plut.
3. in answers, komidh`/ me;n ou\n just so, yes certainly, Ar ., Plat.

komivzw, KOMI vZW, komivzw

KOMI vZW , f. komiw` , later komivsw : aor. I ejkovmisa , Ep. ejkovmissa or kovmissa , Dor. ejkovmixa :— pf. kekovmika :— Med. , f. komiou`mai , Ion. -ieu`mai : aor. I ejkomisavmhn , Ep. ejkomis"- or komis"- :— Pass. , f. -isqhvsomai : aor. I ejkomivsqhn : pf. kekovmismai (often in med. sense):— to take care of, provide for, Hom. :— to receive hospitably, to entertain, Thuc .; more commonly in Med. , Hom.

2. of things, to mind, attend to, give heed to, Id., etc. ; e[xw komivzein phlou` povda to keep ones foot out of the mud, Aesch.

II. to carry away so as to preserve, carry home, carry safe away, Il., etc. ; simply, to save, rescue, tina; ejk qanavtou Pind .; but, nevkron k . to carry out to burial, Soph ., Eur.

2. to carry off as a prize or as booty, Il., Pind. :— Med. to get for oneself, receive in full, acquire, gain, Soph ., etc.

3. to carry, convey, bear, Hom ., etc. :— Pass. to be conveyed, to journey, travel, Hdt .; ei[sw komivzou get thee in, Aesch. ; so in fut. and aor. I med ., komieuvmeqa ej" Sivrin Hdt ., etc.

4. to bring to a place, bring hither, bring in, karpo;n k . to gather in corn, Id., etc. :—so in Med. , Id., Soph. ; and pf. pass. in med. sense, tou;" karpou;" kekovmisqe you have reaped the fruits, Dem.

5. to conduct, escort, Soph ., Plat. , etc. ; k. nau`" Thuc.

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