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6. to get back, recover, Pind ., Eur. , Plat. , etc. :— Med. to get back for oneself, recover, Eur ., Thuc. ; komivzesqai crhvmata to recover a debt, Dem. :— Pass. to come or go back, return, Hdt ., Att.

7. like Lat. affero , to bring, give, Aesch. Hence komistevo"


komistevo" , a, on , verb. Adj. to be taken care of, to be gathered in, Aesch.

II. komistevon , one must bring, Plat.


komisthvr , h`ro", oJ , = sq. , Eur. , Plut.


komisthv" , ou`, oJ , ( komivzw ) one who takes care of, Eur.

II. a bringer, conductor, Id.


kovmistron , tov , ( komivzw ) in pl. , like sw`stra , reward for saving, Aesch.

II. reward for bringing, Eur.


komiw` , Att. fut. of komivzw .


kovmma , ato", tov , ( kovptw ) the stamp or impression of a coin, Ar .: proverb., ponhrou` kovmmato" of bad stamp, Id.

2. = novmisma , coin, coinage, Id.
II. a short clause of a sentence, Lat. comma , Cic.


komma±tikov" , hv, ovn , ( kovmma II ) consisting of short clauses, mikra; kai; k. ejrwthvmata Luc.


kovmmiØ , tov , gum, Lat. gummi , Hdt. (A foreign word.)


kommov" , ou`, oJ , ( kovptw ) a striking: esp. like Lat. planctus (from plango), a beating of the breast in lamentation, e[koya kommo;n [Arion I lamented with Median lamentation, Aesch.

2. in Att. Drama, a wild lament, sung alternately by an actor and the chorus, such as Aesch. Ag. 1072-1185.


kommovw , to beautify, Arist. (Deriv. uncertain.) Hence kommwthv"


kommwthv" , ou`, oJ , a beautifier, embellisher, Luc.

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