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2. rarely in good sense, praise, Pind.


kompov" , oJ , = kompasthv" , Eur.


kompo-fa±kelor-rhvmwn , on , pomp-bundle-worded, derisive epith. of Aeschylus in Ar.


komp-wvdh" , e" , ( ei\do" ) boastful, vainglorious, Thuc .; to; kompw`de" boastfulness, Id.


komyeiva , hJ , refinement, esp. of language, Plat.


komy-euri<Eth>pikw`" , Adv. with Euripides-prettinesses (shortened from komyeuripidikw`" ), Ar.


komyeuvw , ( komyov" ) to refine upon, quibble upon, kovmyeue nu`n th;n dovxan aye, quibble on the word dovxa (referring to the previous line), Soph. :— Med. to deal in refinements or subtleties, Plat.


komyo-prephv" , ev" , ( prevpw ) dainty-seeming, Ar.


komyov" , hv, ovn , ( komevw ) well-dressed, Lat. comptus ; hence, a pretty fellow, Lat. bellus homo , Ar.

2. accomplished, elegant, exquisite, refined, dainty, clever, witty, of persons or their words and acts, Id.; k. periv ti clever about a thing, Plat. ; of a dogs instinct, exquisite, acute, Id.; in a sneering sense, of Sophists who refine overmuch, studied, affected, Eur ., etc.

II. Adv. komyw`" , elegantly, prettily, daintily, Ar ., Plat. , etc.
2. komyovteron e[cein to be betterin health, N.T.


kona±bevw , f. hvsw , ( kovnabo" ) to resound, clash, ring, reecho, Hom ., Hes. Hence konabhdovn


kona±bhdovn , Adv. with a noise, clash, din, Anth.


kona±bivzw , = konabevw , Il.

kovnabo", KO vNABOS

KO vNABOS , oJ , a ringing, clashing, din, Od., Hes.

kovndulo", KO vNDU LOS

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