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KO vND ØULOS , oJ , a knuckle, konduvloi" patavxai , opp. to ejpi; kovrrh" (a slap in the face), Dem. : proverb., kolluvran kai; kovndulon o[yon ejpÆ aujth`/ a roll and knuckle- sauce to it, i.e. a good thrashing, Ar.


konevw , f. hvsw , ( kovni" ) to raise dust: to hasten, Anth.


koniva , Ion. and Ep. -ivh , hJ , ( kovni" ):

1. dust, a cloud of dust, stirred up by mens feet, Il.; also in pl. , like Lat. arenae , Hom ., etc.
2. sand or soil ( v. uJperevptw ) Il.
3. ashes, in pl. like Lat. cineres , Od.
II. a fine powder, sprinkled over wrestlers’ bodies after being oiled, to make them more easily grasped by the opponent:—this powder was also used in the bath, Ar. »i<Eth> in konivh/sin , in order cases i<Eth> usually.]


konia<Eth>tov" , hv, ovn , plastered or pitched, Xen.


koniavw , ( koniva II ) to plaster or whiten over, Lat. dealbare , Dem .: —Pass. to be whitened, N.T.


koni-ortov" , oJ , ( kovni", o[rnumi ) dust stirred up, a cloud of dust, such as is made by troops, Hdt. , Ar. , etc. ; k. th`" u{lh" newsti; kekaumevnh" , i.e. a cloud of woodashes, Thuc.

II. metaph. a dirty fellow, Dem.

kovni", KO vNIS

KO vNIS , io" , Att. ew" or eo", hJ , Ep. dat. kovni for kovnii :— Lat. cinis , dust, Il., etc. ;—of the grave, Pind. , Soph.

2. ashes, Hom.
II. = koniva II , Luc. : metaph. of toil, Id. »iØ in Hom. , i<Eth> Att .]


konivsa±lo" »i<Eth>1/4 , ( kovni" ) a cloud of dust, Il.


konivw »i<Eth>1/4 , f. konivsw »i<Eth>1/4 , aor. I ejkovni<Eth>sa : Pass. , pf. kekovni<Eth>mai , 3 sing. plqpf. kekovni<Eth>to :— to make dusty, cover with clouds of dust, Il.:— Pass. , feu`gon kekonimevnoi all dusty fled they, Virgils pulverulenta fuga dant terga, Ib.; hence, to be in great haste, Ar ., etc.

2. Pass. to be sprinkled as with dust, Theocr.
II. intr ., konivonte" pedivoio galloping o’er the dusty plain, Hom.


Konna`" or Kovnna" , oJ , a drunken flute-player; Kovnnou yh`fo" , proverb. of a worthless opinion, Ar.

kontov", KONTO vS

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