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kovpreio" , a, on , ( kovpro" ) full of dung, filthy, Ar.


kopriva , hJ , a dunghill: also = kovpro" , N.T.


koprivzw , f. ivsw , Ep. ivssw , to dung, manure, Od.


kopro-lovgo" , oJ , ( levgw ) a dung-gatherer, a dirty fellow, Ar.

kovpro", KO vPROS

KO vPROS , hJ , dung, ordure, manure, Hom ., Hdt. , etc.

II. a farm-yard, home-stead, Hom.


koproforevw , f. hvsw , to cover with dung or dirt, Ar.


kopro-fovro" , on , ( fevrw ) carrying dung; kovfino" k . a dung- basket, Xen.


koprwvn , w`no", oJ , ( kovpro" ) a place for dung, privy, Dem.


koptov" , hv, ovn , chopped small: kopthv, hJ , a cake of pounded sesamé, Anth. From kovptw


kovptw (from Root KOP ): f. kovyw : aor. I e[koya : pf. kevkofa , Ep. part. kekopwv" : Pass. , f. kekovyomai : aor. 2 ejkovphn : pf. kevkommai :— to strike, smite, knock down, Od.; kovye min parhvion smote him on the cheek Il.

2. to cut off, chop off, Hom ., etc. ; k. devndra to fell trees, Thuc. , etc. ; k. th;n cwvran to cut down the trees in it, to lay it waste, Xen .: —Pass ., of ships, to be shattered or disabled by the enemy, Thuc. :— metaph. , frenw`n kekommevno" stricken in mind, Aesch.

3. to hammer, forge, Hom .: to stamp metal, coin money, Hdt. :— Med. to coin oneself money, order to be coined, Id.: Pass. , of the money, to be stamped or coined, Ar.

4. to knock at the door, Lat. pulsare , Id., etc.
5. to cut small, chop up or pound in a mortar, Hdt.
6. of a horse, to jolt or shake his rider, Xen.
7. metaph. to tire out, weary, Dem.
II. Med. kovptomai , to beat ones breast through grief, Lat. plangere , Il., Hdt. , Plat.
2. kovptesqaiv tina to mourn for any one, Lat. plangere aliquem , Eur ., etc.

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