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she had her fill of weeping, Od.:— Pass. to be satiated, Hes .; rarely c. dat. rei, plouvtw/ kekorhmevno" Theogn. ; u{bri Hdt.


kovreuma , tov , = koreiva , maidenhood, Eur ., in pl. From koreuvomai


koreuvomai , f. koreuqhvsomai , Pass. ( kovrh ) to be a maid, grow up to maidenhood, Eur.

korevw, KORE vW

KORE vW , f. hvsw , to sweep, sweep out, Od.; k. th;n\Ellavda to sweep Greece clean, depopulate her, Ar.


korevw , Ion. fut. of korevnnumi .


kovrh , hJ , rarely kovra<Eth> , even in Att. : Ion. kouvrh , Dor. kwvra :— fem. of kovro", kou`ro" ,

1. a maiden, maid, damsel, Lat. puella , Il., Soph. , etc.
2. a bride, young wife, Hom ., Eur.
3. a daughter, kou`rai Diov" Il.; k. Diov" , of Athené, Aesch. :—in voc. , kouvra my daughter, Id., Soph.
II. the pupil of the eye, Lat. pupula , because a little image appears therein, Eur. , Ar.
III. a long sleeve reaching over the hand, Xen. B Kovrh , Dor. Kovra , Ion. Kouvrh , hJ , Cora, the Daughter (of Demeter), name under which Persephoné (Proserpine) was worshipped in Attica, th`/ Mhtri; kai; th`/ Kouvrh/ Hdt ., etc. ; Dhmhvthr kai; Kovrh Xen ., etc.


kovrhma , ato", tov , ( korevw ) a besom, broom, Ar.


korquvnw and korquvw »u<Eth>1/4 , ( kovrqu" ) to lift up, raise, Zeu;" kovrqunen eJo;n mevno" raised high his wrath, Hes. :— Pass. , ku`ma korquvetai waxes high, rears its crest, Il.


kovrquØ" , uo", hJ , lengthd. form of kovru" : in Theocr. , kovrquo" aJ tomav the swathe of mown corn.


korquvw , v. korquvnw .


korivannon , tov , coriander, Ar. (Deriv. unknown.)


korivzomai , ( kovrh ) Dep. to fondle, caress, coax, Ar.

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