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Korivnqio" , a, on , Corinthian, Hdt ., etc. :—also Korinqiakov" , hv, ovn , Xen. ; Korinqikov" , Anth.


Kovrinqo" , hJ , Corinth, the city and country, Il., Hdt. , Att. ; famed for its luxury, whence the proverb ouj panto;" ajndro;" eij" Kovrinqon ejsqÆ oJ plou`" ;—with a masc. Adj ., ojfruoventa K. Orac. ap. Hdt. :—proverb., Dio;" Kovrinqo" , used of persons who are always repeating the same old story, Ar. , etc.

II. Adv. Korinqovqi , at Corinth, Il.


kovrion , tov , Dim. of kovrh , Theocr. : Dor. kwvrion , Ar.

kovri", KO vRIS

KO vRIS , io" , Att. ew", oJ , pl. kovrei" , a bug, Lat. cimex , Ar.


korkoruØghv , hJ , the rumbling of the empty bowels: generally, any hollow noise, a din, tumult, Aesch ., Ar. (Formed from the sound.)


kormov" , oJ , ( keivrw ) the trunk of a tree (with the boughs lopped off), Od., Eur. ; kormoi; xuvlwn logs of timber, Hdt. ; k. nautikoiv , i.e. oars, Eur.

kovro", KO vROS

KO vROS (A), ou, oJ , ones fill, satiety, surfeit, Hom ., etc. ; pavntwn me;n kovro" e[sti, kai; u{pnou one may have ones fill of all things, even of sleep, etc. , Il.; k. e[cein tinov" to have ones fill of a thing, Eur.

2. the consequence of satiety, insolence, Pind .; pro;" kovron insolently, Aesch.


kovro" (B), ou, oJ , Ion. kou`ro" , Dor. kw`ro" :— a boy, lad, stripling, Hom ., etc. : kou`roi young men, warriors, Il.; also servants, like Lat. pueri , Hom.

2. with gen. of prop. names, a son, Od.; Qhsevw" k . Soph. , etc. (Prob. from keivrw , one who has cut his hair short on emerging from boyhood.)


kovro" (C), oJ , the Hebrew cor, a dry measure containing 10 Att. medimni, about 120 gallons, N.T.


kovrrh , new Att. for kovrsh .


kovrsh , hJ , in new Att. kovrrh , Dor. kovrra : ( kavra ):— one of the temples, the side of the forehead,
Il.;—so in Att. , ejpi; kovrrh" patavssein to box on the ear, Dem. ; cf. kovndulo" .
2. the hair on the temples, which is the first to turn gray, Aesch.

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