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2. the top or peak of a mountain, Il., Hdt. , Aesch.
II. metaph. the highest point, Lat. summa , panto;" e[cei korufavn is the best of all, Pind. ; korufa; lovgwn protevrwn the sum and substance of ancient legends, Id.

2. the height or excellence of a thing, i.e. the choicest, noblest, best, Id.


koruØfovw , f. wvsw , ( korufhv ) to bring to a head: Pass. , »ku`ma1/4 korufou`tai rises with arching crest, Il.; to; e[scaton korufou`tai basileu`si kings are on the highest pinnacle, Pind.

II. to bring to an end, finish, Plut .: —Pass ., korufouvmeno" being summed up, Anth.


korwn-ekavbh »a±1/4, hJ , old as a crow or Hecuba, Anth.


korwvnew" sukh`, hJ , a fig of raven-gray colour, Ar. From korwvnh


korwvnh , hJ , Lat. cornix , the chough or sea-crow, a small kind with red legs and bill, Od.

2. = kovrax , the carrion-crow, Hes ., Ar.
II. anything hooked or curved, like a crows bill,
1. the handle on a door, Od.
2. the tip of a bow, on which the bowstring was hooked, Hom. :— metaph. , biw`/ korwvnhn ejpiqei`nai to put a finish to life, Luc.


korwniavw , f. avsw , ( korwnov" ) to arch the neck, Anth.


korwniv" , ivdo", hJ , acc. -nivn , ( korwnov" ) crook-beaked, curved, of ships, from the outline of the prow and stern, Hom.

2. of kine, with crumpled horns, Theocr.
II. as Subst. a curved line, a flourish with the pen at the end of a book, Anth. :— metaph. an end, finish, ejpiqei`nai korwnivda tiniv Luc.


korwno-bovlo" , on , ( bavllw ) shooting crows: korwnobovlon, tov , a sling or bow for crow-shooting, Etc.; Anth.

korwnov", KORWNO vS

KORWNO vS , hv, ovn , curved, crooked: with crumpled horns, Archil.


koskiØnhdovn , Adv. like, as in a sieve, Luc.


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