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kouro-trovfo" , on , ( trevfw ) rearing boys; ajgaqh; k . good nursing-mother, of Ithaca, Od.; so, k. \Ellav" Eur.


koustwdiva , hJ , the Lat. custodia , N.T.


koufivzw , f. Att. iw` : ( kou`fo" ):

I. intr. to be light, Hes ., Eur. : of pain, to be alleviated, assuaged, Soph.
II. trans. to make light: hence to lift up, raise, Id.; a{lma koufiei`n to make a light leap, Id.; k. phvdhma Eur .: —Pass. to be lifted up, soar, Plat.

2. c. gen ., o[clou k. cqovna , to lighten, earth of a multitude, Eur. :— absol. to lighten ships of their cargo, Thuc .: to relieve persons from burthens, Xen. :— Pass. to be relieved, novsou from disease, Eur. ; koufisqhvsomai yuchvn Id.; metaph. to feel ones burthens lightened, Thuc.

3. c. acc. rei, to lighten, assuage, sumforav" Dem .; e[rwta , Theocr. Hence kouvfisi"


kouvfiØsi" , ew", hJ , a lightening, alleviation, relief, Thuc.


kouvfisma , ato", tov , = kouvfisi" , Eur.


koufologiva , hJ , light talking, Thuc. From koufolovgo"


koufo-lovgo" , on , ( levgw ) lightly talking.


koufov-noo" , on , contr. -nou" , oun , light-minded, thoughtless, Aesch ., Soph.

kou`fo", KO `UFOS

KO `UFOS , h, on , light, nimble, Trag .; used by Hom. only in neut. pl. as. Adv. kou`fa probibav" stepping lightly on, Il.:— metaph. , koufovterai frevne" too buoyant, Pind.

2. metaph. also light, easy, Aesch ., Xen.
3. empty, unsubstantial, vain, Soph ., Thuc.
4. light in point of weight, opp. to baruv" , Plat. , etc. ; kouvfa soi cqw;n ejpavnwqe pevsoi may earth lie lightly on thee, sit tibi terra levis, Eur .; of soldiers, wJplismevnoi koufotevroi" o{ploi" Xen.

II. Adv. -fw" , lightly, nimbly, Aesch .; k. ejskeuasmevnoi , of soldiers, Thuc. , Xen.
2. metaph. lightly, with light heart, koufovterovn metefwvnee Od.; kouvfw" fevrein to bear lightly, Eur. ; wJ" koufovtata fevrein Hdt. 3. lightly, with ease, Aesch.

kovfino", KO vFI NOS, kovfino"

KO vF ØINOS , oJ , a basket, Ar ., Xen. ; in later times used specially by Jews, N.T. ; being apparently smaller

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