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kra±davw , to shake, brandish, only in part. , kradavwn dolicovskion e[gco" Hom. From kravdh

kravdh, KRA vDH

KRA vDH »a±1/4, hJ , the quivering spray at the end of a branch, Hes ., Ar. :—generally, a fig-tree, Ar.


kra±diva , hJ , Dor. for kradivh , which is Ep. for kardiva .


kravzw , Att. f. kekravxomai , later kravxw : aor. I e[kraxa : aor. 2 e[kra±gon :— pf. with pres. sense, kevkra<Eth>ga , imper. kevkracqi , pl. kekravgete : plqpf. ejkekravgein : (the Root is KRAG , as in aor. 2):— to croak, of frogs, Ar. : generally, to scream, shriek, cry aloud, Aesch ., Ar. ; kevkracqi Ar .; krago;n kekravxetai will bawl aloud, Id. ( kragovn being aor. 2 part. used adverbially).

2. c. acc. rei, to clamour for a thing, Id.


kra<Eth>qeiv" , aor. I pass, part. of keravnnumi .

kraivnw, KRAI vNW

KRAI vNW , f. kra±nw` : aor. I e[kra<Eth>na , Ep. e[krhna :— Med. , fut. inf. in pass. sense kra±nevesqai :— Pass. , fut. kranqhvsomai : aor. I ejkravnqhn : kevkrantai 3 pf. pass. both sing. and pl. Hom. mostly uses Ep. pres. kraiaivnw , impf. ejkraivainen , aor. I imperat. krhv/hnon, krhhvnate , inf. krh/h`nai ; 3 pf. pass. kekravantai

and plqpf. kekravanto ; so ejkra<Eth>avnqhn Theocr .:— to accomplish, fulfil, bring to pass, Hom ., Trag. :— Pass. , with fut. med ., to be accomplished or brought to pass, Il., Eur. ; v. ejpikraivnw .

2. to finish the tale of. . , c. acc ., h. Hom.
II. absol. to exercise sway, to reign, c. acc. cogn. kr. skh`ptra to sway the staff of rule, Soph.
2. c. gen. to reign over, govern, tou` stratou`, th`" cwvra" Id.
III. intr. to fulfil ones course, Aesch.


kraipa±lavw , only in pres. , to have a sick head-ache, consequent upon a debauch, Ar. , Plat. From kraipavlh

kraipavlh, KRAIPA vLH, kraipavlh

KRAIPA vLH »a±1/4, hJ , a drunken head-ache, Lat. craàpula , ejk kraipavlh" after a drunken bout, Ar.


kraipa±lov-kwmo" , on , rambling in drunken revelry, Ar.

kraipnov", KRAIPNO vS

KRAIPNO vS , hv, on , rapid, rushing, of strong winds, Hom. ; of swift feet, Id.:— metaph. hasty, rash, Il.

II. Adv ., quickly, hastily, Hom .; also neut. pl. as Adv. , Id.


kraipnov-suØto" , on , ( seuvomai ) swift-rushing, Aesch.

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