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kra±teutaiv , w`n, oiJ , the forked stand or frame on which a spit turns, Il. (Deriv. uncertain.)


kratevw , f. hvsw :— Pass. , f. krathqhvsomai : ( kravto" ):— to be strong, mighty, powerful: hence,

I. absol. to rule, hold sway, be sovereign, Hom ., Trag. ; hJ kratou`sa the lady of the house, Aesch.
2. c. dat. to rule among, kratevei" nekuvessin Od.
3. c. gen. to be lord or master of, ruler over, pavntwn Hom .; dwmavtwn Aesch ., etc.
II. to conquer, prevail, get the upper hand, Hdt ., Att. ; kr. gnwvmh/ to prevail in opinion, Hdt. ; th`/ mavch/ Eur ., etc. ;—also c. acc. cogn. , kr. to;n ajgw`na Dem .:— oiJ kratou`nte" the conquerors, Xen .:—of reports, etc. , to prevail, become current, Soph ., Thuc.

2. impers ., katqanei`n kratei` ‘tis better to die, Aesch. ; kratei` ajpolevsqai Eur.
3. c. gen. to prevail over, Aesch .; oJ lovgo" tou` e[rgou ejkravtei surpassed, went beyond it, Thuc.
4. c. acc. to conquer, master, outdo, surpass, Pind ., Att. :— Pass. to be conquered, Hdt ., Att.
III. to become master of, get possession of th`" ajrch`" Hdt .; th`" gh`" Thuc.
IV. to lay hold of, th`" ceirov" N.T.
2. c. acc. rei, to seize, hold fast, qrovnou" Soph ., Xen.
V. to control, command, Aesch.


kra<Eth>thvr , Ion. and Ep. krhthvr , h`ro", oJ : ( keravnnumi ):— a mixing vessel, esp. a large bowl, in which the wine was mixed with water, and from which the cups were filled, Hom. , etc. ; oi\non dÆ ejk krhth`ro" ajfussavmenoi depavessin e[kceon Il.; pivnonte" krhth`ra" drinking bowls of wine, Ib.; krhth`ra sthvsasqai ejleuvqeron to give a bowl of wine to be drunk in honour of the deliverance, Ib.; ejpistevyasqai potoi`o , v. ejpistevfw .

2. metaph ., krath`ra plhvsa" kakw`n having filled a bowl full of woes, Aesch.
II. any cup-shaped hollow, a basin in a rock, Soph. , Plat.


kra<Eth>thrivzw , f. ivsw , to drink from a bowl of wine, Dem.


kra±thsiv-ma±co" , on , ( mavch ) conquering in the fight, Pind.


kra±thsiv-pou" , oJ, hJ , victorious in the foot-race, Pind.


kra±thv"-ippo" , on , victorious in the race, Pind.


kra<Eth>tiv , dat. of krav" .


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