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kreivsswn h\sqa mhkevtÆ w]n h] zw`n tuflov" thou wert better not alive, than living blind, Soph.

II. too great for, u{yo" krei`sson ejkphdhvmato" too great for leaping out of, Aesch. ; kreivssonÆ ajgcovnh" too bad for hanging, Soph. ; ejlpivdo" kr . worse than one expected, Thuc.

III. having power over, master of, gastrov" Xen .; kr. crhmavtwn superior to bribes, Thuc.
IV. in Att. Prose in moral sense, better, more excellent, Ar.

kreivwn, KREI vWN

KREI vWN , onto", oJ , a ruler, lord, master, Hom .; u{pate kreiovntwn , of Zeus, Il.; as a general title of honour, Od.:— fem. kreivousa , lady, mistress, Il., Hes. :—after Hom. in the form krevwn , Pind.


kreiw`n , Ep. , gen. pl. of kreva" .


krekavdia , wn, tav , ( krevkw ) a kind of tapestry, Ar.


krektov" , hv, ovn , struck so as to sound, of stringed instruments: generally, played, sung, Aesch. From krevkw

krevkw, KRE vKW

KRE vKW , f. xw : aor. I e[krexa :— to strike the web with the kerkiv" , to weave, Eur.

2. to strike the lyre with the plectron, Anth. :—generally, to play on an instrument, Ar.
3. of any sharp noise, boh;n pteroi`" kr . Id.


kremavqra , hJ , ( kremavnnumi ) a net or basket to hang things up in, Ar.


kremavnnu<Eth>mi , f. kremavsw »a±1/4 ; Att. kremw`, a`/", a`/ , Ep. kremovw : aor. I ejkrevma±sa , Ep. krevmasa :— Pass. , in shortened form krevmamai , subj. krevmwmai , opt. kremaivmhn : impf. ejkremavmhn, w, ato : f. kremhvsomai : aor. I ejkremavsqhn . (From Root KREM ):

I. to hang, hang up, Il.; kremovw poti; naovn will bring them to the temple and hang them up there, Il.; kr. tinav tino" to hang one up by a thing, Ar. ; kremavsa" ta; novhma , in allusion to Socrates in his basket, Id.;— kremavsai th;n ajspivda to hang up ones shield, i.e. have done with war, Id.:—so in Med. , phdavlion kremavsasqai to hang up ones rudder, i.e. give up the sea, Hes.

II. Pass. to be hung up, suspended, o{te tÆ ejkrevmw (2 impf. ) when thou wert hanging, Il.: to be hung up as a votive offering, Pind. , Hdt. ; ei[per ejk podw`n krevmaito Ar .: —metaph ., mw`mo" krevmataiv tini censure hangs over him, Pind. ; oJ ejk tou` swvmato" kremavmeno" depending on the body, Xen.

2. to be hung, of persons, Eur.
3. metaph. to be in suspense, Arist. Hence kremavsa"


kremavsa", kremasqeiv" , aor. I part. act. and pass.

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