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kri<Eth>qiva<Eth>si" , ew", hJ , a disease of horses, a kind of surfeit caused by over-feeding with barley, Xen.


kri<Eth>qiØavw , f. avsw , ( kriqhv ) = kriqavw , Babr.


kri<Eth>qivzw , f. ivsw , to feed with barley, Babr.


krivqiØno" , h, on , made of or from barley, Xen ., etc.


kri<Eth>qo-travgo" , on , ( tra±gei`n ) barley-eating, Ar.


krivke , 3 sing. Ep. aor. 2 of krivzw .

krivko", KRI vKOS

KRI vKOS »iØ1/4, oJ , Homeric form of kivrko" , a ring on a horses breast-band, to fasten it to the peg ( e{stwr ) at the end of the carriage-pole, Il.

2. an eyelet-hole in sails, through which the reefing-ropes were drawn, Hdt.

kri`ma, krivma

kri`ma , ato", tov , ( krivnw ) a decision, judgment, N.T .: sentence, condemnation, Ib.

2. a matter for judgment, law-suit, Ib.


krivmnon , tov , ( krivnw ) coarse meal or a coarse loaf, Anth.


krivna" »i<Eth>1/4 , aor. I part. of krivnw .

krivnon, KRI vNON, krivnon

KRI vNON »iØ1/4, tov , heterocl. pl. krivnea , dat. krivnesi :— a lily, Hdt ., Ar. , etc.

krivnw, KRI vNW, krivnw

KRI vNW »i<Eth>1/4 , Ep. 3 subj. krivnhsi : f. kriØnnw` , Ep. kriØnevw : aor. I e[kri<Eth>na : pf. kevkriØka :— Med. , f. kriØnou`mai (in pass. sense): aor. I ejkrinavmhn :— Pass. , f. kriØqhvsomai : aor. I ejkrivqhn »iØ1/4 , Ep. ejkrivnqhn : pf. kevkriØmai , inf. kekrivsqai :— Lat. cerno , to separate, part, put asunder, distinguish, Il., Xen.

II. to pick out, choose, Hom ., Hdt. , Att. :— Med. to pick out for oneself, choose, Hom ., etc. :— Pass. to be chosen, Il.; pf. and aor. I part. kekrimevno", krinqeiv" picked out, chosen, Hom.

III. to decide disputes, Id., Hdt. , etc. ; skolia;" krivnein qevmista" to judge crooked judgments, i.e. to judge unjustly, Il.; krivnousi bovh/ kai; ouj yhvfw/ they decide the question by shouting, not by voting, Thuc. ; to decide a contest for a prize, Soph. , etc. ; kr. ta;" qeav" to decide their contest, i.e. judge them, Eur. :— Pass. and Med. , of persons, to have a contest decided, come to issue, Hom ., etc.

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