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2. to adjudge, kravto" tiniv Soph.
3. to judge of, estimate, pro;" ejmauto;n krivnwn »aujtovn1/4 judging of him by myself, Dem. :— Pass. , i[son parÆ ejmoi; kevkritai Hdt.

4. to expound, interpret dreams, Id., Aesch. , etc. : so in Med. , Il.
5. c. acc. et inf. to decide or judge that, Hdt ., Att.
6. c. inf. only, to determine to do a thing, N.T.
IV. to question, Soph.
2. to bring to trial, accuse, Xen ., etc. :— Pass. to be brought to trial, Thuc ., etc.
3. to pass sentence upon, to condemn, Soph ., Dem.


kri<Eth>o-bovlo" , on , ( bavllw ) ram-slaying, Anth.


kri<Eth>o-provswpo" , on , ( provswpon ) ram-faced, Hdt.

kriov", KRIO vS

KRIO vS »i<Eth>1/4, oJ , a ram, Lat. aries , Hom ., Hdt. , etc.

2. a battering-ram, Lat. aries , Xen.


Kri`sa (not Krivssa ) , h", hJ , Crisa, a city in Phocis, near Delphi, Il.:— Adj. Krisai`o" , a, on , Crisaean, Ib., Hdt.


krivsiØmo" »iØ1/4, on , ( krivsi" ) decisive, critical, Anth.


krivsi" »iØ1/4, ew", hJ , ( krivnw ) a separating, power of distinguishing, Arist .: choice, selection, Id.

II. a decision, judgment, Hdt ., Aesch. ; kr. oujk ajlhqhv" no certain means of judging, Soph.
2. in legal sense, a trial, Ar ., Thuc. , etc. :— the result of a trial, condemnation, Xen.
3. a trial of skill, tovxou in archery, Soph.
4. a dispute, periv tino" Hdt.
III. the event or issue of a thing, krivsin e[cein to be decided, of a war, Thuc.


kriØtevo" , a, on , verb. Adj. of krivnw , to be decided or judged: kritevon one must decide or judge, Plat.


kriØthvrion , tov , ( krithv" ) a means for judging or trying, a criterion, standard, test, Plat.

2. a court of judgment, tribunal, Id.


kriØthv" , ou`, oJ , ( krivnw ) a decider, judge, umpire, Hdt ., Thuc. :—at Athens, of the judges in the poetic contests, Ar.

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