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Krovnio" , a, on , ( Krovno" ) Saturnian, of Cronus or Saturn, Aesch ., etc.

2. Krovnia ( sc. iJerav ) , tav , his festival celebrated on the twelfth of Hecatombaeon, Dem. :—later, ta; Krovnia were the Roman Saturnalia; hence, aiJ Kroniavde" hJmevrai the time of the Saturnalia, Plut.

3. Krovnion ( sc. o[ro" ) , tov , the hill of Cronus or Saturn, Pind.
II. like Kronikov" , in contemptuous sense, Kronivwn o[zein to smell of the dark ages, Ar.


Krovn-ippo" , on , ( Krovno" ) an old dotard, Ar.


Kronivwn »i<Eth>1/4, oJ , gen. Kronivwno" »iØ1/4 or Kronivono" »i<Eth>1/4, oJ , patronym., son of Cronus, i.e. Zeus, Hom.


Krovno" , oJ , ( kraivnw ) Cronus, identified with the Lat. Saturnus , son of Uranos and Gaia, husband of Rhea, father of Zeus, Poseidon, Hades, Hera, Demeter and Hestia, Hes. : he reigned in heaven until his sons banished him to Tartarus, Il., Aesch. ; his time was the golden age, Hes.

II. a name at Athens, a superannuated old dotard, old fool, Ar.

krovssai, KRO vSSAI

KRO vSSAI , w`n, aiJ , battlements on walls, Il.; of the steps by which the Pyramids rose to a point, Hdt.


krota±livzw , f. sw , ( krovtalon ) to use rattles or castanets, Hdt .:—generally, i{ppoi o[cea krotavlizon were rattling them along, Il.


krovta±lon , tov , ( krotevw ) a rattle, castanet, used in the worship of Cybelé, or Dionysus, Hdt. , Eur.

II. metaph. a rattling fellow, a rattle, Ar.


krovta±fo" , oJ , ( krotevw ) the side of the forehead ( v. kovrsh ), in pl. the temples, Lat. tempora , Il., etc.

II. of a mountain, its side, Aesch ., Anth.


krotevw , f. hvsw , ( krovto" ) to make to rattle, of horses, o[cea krotevonte" rattling them along, Il.

II. to knock, strike, smite, Hdt ., Eur. ; krotei`n ta;" cei`ra" or tw; cei`re to clap the hands, Hdt. , Xen. : absol. to clap, applaud, Xen ., etc.

2. of a smith, to hammer or weld together, Plat .: —Pass. to be wrought by the hammer; metaph ., ejx ajpavta" kekrotamevno" one mass of trickery, Theocr.

III. intr. to make a rattling noise, Arist ., Luc.


krovthma , ato", tov , work wrought by the hammer: metaph. of Ulysses, a hardened knave, Eur.


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